Can I get some feedback on a static website im designing for my new company? Would love to get some feedback on asthetics.

It doesnt have much for content (what is there is mostly just to take up space. But would love an opinion on the logo and the look and feel. Also check out the article "our new home" to get a sense for all the layout features it has so far.


I sweeped through the website on my phone with Chrome, Vivaldi and Fennec(Fennec has text riseze override). The website is very good in it's basic appeal and simplicity. The choice of colour pallete seems strange but not bad. The default text size is too small in my opinion while the font and overall it looks good but readability wise it seems bad. Rest all seems good, I like the animation on the homepage (just shift the animation a little away from the text :ablobderpy: )

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@mur2501 yea too small text size is the #1 complaint im hearing so ill have to address that. Thanks.

Also maybe some easter egg titties in the plain vanilla website would be a cherry on the top :ablobderpyhappy:

well truly easter eggs in a website aren't a bad idea :ablobblewobble:
Also your logo looks like that of Adult Swim with colours added :ablobderpyhappy: (and different font)

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