I love how people who have been here less tthan a day, but have been active, already have 30+ followers... really goes to show how much easier it is to connect to people here than it is on twitter.

@freemo There's probably a selection effect here too, given the somewhat sizeable exodus from most of the science Twitter community who are relinking with other members of their circle here.

@aazad That may be. I wasnt aware the exodus was focused on the scientific community in any way.

I will say i have always noticed I gain followers here far more easily than I ever had on twitter despite posting the same contennt in both places.


@freemo @aazad
probably also because on Mastodon the home timeline is populated mainly by the person I'm following, so I need to follow accounts.

I'm following also hashtags, but it is also a way for finding interesting accounts to follow.

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