next is Stardust - absolutely bonkers backwards directory and include structure, but otherwise minimum language level issues. I aint got the micro to kill it with 4 workers, mainly cause probes are OP, so gotta continue working on the UI, but feels like if you can properly body block the building probes you can just kill them one by one, just like with Stormhammer.

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welp, hooked up a basic right click command, and rushed the bot with 4 drones, achievement unlocked i guess .-.

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steamhammer this time, another MSVC addict, but managed to beat it into submission

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why ever get a webcam, if you can get a brick like this instead?

now, envy me! my keyboard is more expensive than my computer...

but why are those gliders leaving trails? no those are not video artifacts(the discoloration and random red patches are), those are the ancestors!

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@freemo I swear domain subscription worked a few moments ago, but now it's like this

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