i just leave this here. no, i don't know if it's fake or not. i can't decide upon that. i consider everything to be fake and real at the same time at this point.

i'm not "pro-nation-state". i think there happens evil stuff on both sides. you just don't see the evils of one side in the "free west".

war is hell. governments are evil.

graphic shit after link:

@bonifartius the comments do not correspond to what they say in the video. It is presented as a witch hunt of wrong-think, but in which ever videos there are talking they are accusing the people of commuting crimes, looting, stealing, violence. But I guess it's only fair to expect a volunteer militia to establish proper judicial system with courts and prisons while the country is invaded by an overwhelming force.


@bonifartius keyword marauder, even not knowing the language you might be able to pick it up, cause it's a borrowed word

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