i just leave this here. no, i don't know if it's fake or not. i can't decide upon that. i consider everything to be fake and real at the same time at this point.

i'm not "pro-nation-state". i think there happens evil stuff on both sides. you just don't see the evils of one side in the "free west".

war is hell. governments are evil.

graphic shit after link:

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@bonifartius the comments do not correspond to what they say in the video. It is presented as a witch hunt of wrong-think, but in which ever videos there are talking they are accusing the people of commuting crimes, looting, stealing, violence. But I guess it's only fair to expect a volunteer militia to establish proper judicial system with courts and prisons while the country is invaded by an overwhelming force.

@bonifartius keyword marauder, even not knowing the language you might be able to pick it up, cause it's a borrowed word

Seems okay, as long as they aren't hurt too bad corporal punishment is fine :02_shrug:

Shame... Pity... Fighting... Emotions... Cold/Sterile Systems replicating similar in humans... 

@bonifartius Good you posted this...
Honestly I think we all have it in us / are able / capable of it ...especially when pushed emotionally or having reactions like panic/adrenalin/anger during time of shock or crisis... we would be surprised and a maybe if you had such and episode you could reflect the fog that comes over or what the senses can't see or input at the time...

so I think something comes out in us; that is already inside or we wanted to deal with and when it's the right set of emotions or a subject is in your face an explosion can happen or reminder that you need to deal with it and even kill it!,,, then we tend to let loose almost always on wrong people or without conversation or some middle way to at least try before killing people or similar.

We see it occasionally in the comments as reactions (which text is encouraging naturally as an unnatural filter), so now imagine the same but in person filters in your country or global cultural stagnation or whatever (not much difference than having sensitivities over proprietary software - so maybe I berate you for it and having my triggers might do more- especially if tied to a tree!) (although software etc is political I think all is political but yes I'm not sure how it is in the videos and almost surely isn't the way to intact emotions always...)

But for bullies I always enjoyed it and felt right (so there are exceptions where it's perhaps less clearer than my example as all the angles and chances given = deserved retaliation!)

With animals for example, especially dogs that have tendency and their own strong spirit (not meaning to really harm you but really really want attention or seek pleasure, or physically poke you always, some dangerous but nice dogs... you might have a big reaction eventually... so I mention this an example of pushing one's limit even from a nice pet perspective

(shouting at them and hitting them etc- it's tempting if you can't get logic another way)...

but then in this case I think people are savages both in humanity and how they deal with people (money) and their reaction (money + physical abuses)...

some cultural things exist or less westernised education, lack of experience, diversity, lack of experience - but some culture also avoid being close to each other anyway lol---- strange humanity (not hugging each other etc - weird forms of respect) and not saying anything 'advanced' is better or these videos are not bad... but just this mentality is everywhere and in various forms of 'more clever' or ' less clever' in killing people or financially beating them, displacing everyone's anger under those mostly bad umbrellas of land which are so hard to solve / on-going.

So I kinda appreciate the reality sometimes. Beat each other if you really learn from it, else talking is good without the beating unless both agree or even want to die to just be taken out of the game nicely and bow out!

at the same time I think people are feeling shame for their own kind and that's why they hit others - pity

the whole situation and exacting a bit of revenge is an outlet (for which usually there no outlet), no discourse, no , just beating people in many ways getting emotions out like a city worker sick and tired of the dogging ... expecting people to follow like dogs does that to any human.

When my dad was beating me (with slipper style) it was I'm sure a symbolic thing, like a reminder or aha for me.... but also for not listening and having my own way which maybe life didn't cater for so it turns from moderated lessons to can't-get-out-of-system punishments... and many in culture and family have sayings:
"even a dog / donkey would have listened by now"

And I would say the same as many kids

"But I'm not a dog / donkey"

and even as adult need to say this!

Like that's how backwards parents and society are - doing it for some x reason and finishing with stupid / pity reason (unless I'm mistaken all these years).
Parents and and previous humanity (and their mentality of follow-mostly) were more stupid / illogical than I who could talk for hours about my individuality AND no have broken reasoning JUST THOSE PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN!!!
(and we did in the end anyway talk as 'beatings' didn't change me and I still would be there in the morning since I slept in the same house!!)

^----- so a root problem of looking at each other and expecting people to follow or be standardised / fit into things that doesn't fit them = the 'systematic' problem

I think it's possible for someone to kill people because they feel bad for themself or as a reflection of humanity by taking it out on what or who you see in front of you (which is why foreigners /race can get a bad time or be blamed)
Can be hard to resist what's there you already don't like or even like family abuse from not having someone else to talk to or somewhere else to go.... another country.... another coy of England or America?!

(the country and it's mechanical form and machine itself is also a filter of mind and leaves nothing and makes happen these situations so for parents it's kind-of hard to blame them / ourselves though we think it's all on us... well it is if you're in text-only land or not doing the human parts to computer or anything life that or even not doing 'humanity homework' after your 9-5 solider work (excuse me 9-5 day-job)

As some comment said, mentality of burning people...
The treating them as being witches BUT also if you're a professional bastard (many businessman) then I can get that as bastards that tying them to tree is about as humane as it gets if not worse (or maybe it allows others to make stupid mistakes and kill them but I may would be happy with a could of punches or sticks, still not great and still 'what after all this?' ),.

The day job today of top business is the same as before, wolves hunting in packs hunting other wolves
and wolves tend to be wolves (only modern version is humans hunting humans financially inside a 'company' kind of sub-gang of government, troupe, clique, band of mostly men... incentivised team of slaves willing or not, and for food.

Hard to put animals or humans like that together or separate them, and best perhaps to find a peaceful way somehow (but how?) We don't know the animal or human because we restrict their individuality (we don't understand you) and later for them to be extreme and force-standardised it's no surprise for adverse reactions...
and even if communication works and people pretend to reform, what if it's a big trick and they are stuck in their ways, put them behind bars at profit of others happy to take them in nd even encouraging it? All hunting everyone else in different ways...

So we still have bad things at the top mostly and bottom people in the mix who suffer... but I know that when it comes down to it that it's hard for you to share with others, and even keep them in check / honest even if you give them food and water, and hard to share your last bread for sake of humanity. All just, but still I think if we started conversation today in 2yrs or 20 years we'd do it!

You imagine all the bread left over and food that could be shared. Already that is a kind of violence or aggression keeping food away from people so they buy it and build people's empires... not exactly talking about it...

yes people, ordinary people can turn when it's the right context and trigger. Even some blind revenge (who wouldn't want to feel good in actually punching someone involved in the world's bad?)

Tough times, still... and this is the long hard work to do before it gets to this stage I imagine even with 'modern' people. Talking is hard enough or it's TEXT-only.. tragic.

The picture isn't perfect but there is a violence in all of us (self-conflict) and this hard work every day with someone else (talking honestly and accepting EVERY individuality) this makes it a lot easier when violence comes to us or is around us to deflect it or fill container to then deal with it... to be calm and know what to do and ride the storm... and even convert it within each spirit.

I'm happy for people talking (because it doesn't happen in real life) so if the videos can get some emotions out and think about it when they sleep and maybe wakeup different.... that's something new in the world or not every day. Like talking to homeless people and really understanding them or realising we can never understand 100%- just to accept is the best.

If people's story comes out too maybe that's like journalism and justice of sorts if they are true about it. Then people (the housewives shouting at them etc) can at least have some 1-to-1 exposure of each other (which system always cuts out or hides from each other MAKING people bad or much worse) and some consciousness and even guilt can occur (reform). At least talking happens (that's how starved I feel humanity is by seeing these videos as some 'benefit' of some sort or personal truth since there is no place on the high street not even the church in my opinion that doesn't know what to do or say when they hear anything on this 1 post!!! Almost like it's blasphemy itself to say such things!! ). Sorry for mixing examples and culture and animals but really I think relativity can be seen there.

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