🏏Kathryn & I are back at it discussing common . From buy buttons to mind control, we dive into sensationalized claims often taken from or for flashy clickbait.
Tune in to this episode to hear us clear the air on misconceptions and give our opinions about where the field of “neuro-marketing” is going.

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A quick reminder that this is happening this Friday (December 2nd) with @kordinglab @danielemarinazzo @beatekrickel and more.
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(online seminar) #Multisensory influences on vision: Sounds enhance and alter visual-perceptual processing, December 1 world-wide.org/seminar/8742/ by Viola Störmer; #crossmodal #sensory #neuroscience

🗣️ In this week’s episode of HCD’s MindSet, Kathryn and Michelle chat with social scientist Kristin Shumaker, PhD about how brains respond to different types of messaging and tools used in communication neuroscience.

⚒️ With experience in using fMRI and fNIRS, Kristin gives us the lowdown on exploring neurofeedback while accounting for limitations. If you are interested in learning about new neurotechnologies, this informative session is not one you will want to miss!

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Who is talking about what I'm going to call ?
There's suddenly an influx of criticism of for research in & .

I feel like I've been beating that drum for years. But the new report (ico.org.uk/about-the-ico/media) seems to be driving the latest craze.

I feel people are missing the point though. It's not the tools. It's the people and their overestimation of for use .

Who's with me?

Are you In Europe and interested in designing for behavior change? Dial in for the European Action Design Network inaugural event this Wednesday. ow.ly/2GzJ50LPvCe

🌈🎨 Michelle Niedziela, PhD and Kathryn Ambroze's latest article in the tks | publisher, event organiser, media agency's Consumer Perspective Column, "Design debunking – Color alone won’t move the needle," is out! In the article, they discuss how color is an integral part of the visual experience, but it is not the end-all answer to communicating how a product will make a consumer feel.
🔖 Read more here: ow.ly/LelM50LJTRy

Come be my colleague in the PSP department at University of Cincinnati!! We have an open tenure-track faculty position in our department. We have an excellent core group of neuroscientists and are looking to hire a #neuroscience researcher with experience in #computational methods. Please RT!

Feel free to reach out with any questions about the department and the position!


🌟Elizabeth Johnson, PhD gave a fascinating talk explaining the neuroscience of how we see can boost attention, engagement, and memorability in the visual brains of consumers.

🔑 Registering with the link below, you can watch all the talks, including Elizabeth Johnson’s session: Visual Marketing: Boosting Engagement and Memorability for the Visual Brain.

🔗Register for NeuroU here: ow.ly/o8Lt50Ln119

🛑 As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, the conversations surrounding consumer safety and regulations remain critical. On this week’s episode of MindSet, Kathryn and Michelle sat down with Martha Bajec, PhD and Dr. David Nathan to discuss their recent work with HCD Research and the ASTM International D37 Committee regarding cannabinoid safety signs.

Listen here-
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I don’t find the fact that we’re all basically electric meat reductionist or depressing.

I actually find it pretty fascinating and inspiring that we can think, feel, or do anything at all!

Each and every day is profoundly unlikely, and yet it is.

Don’t waste that.

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📣Call for Applicants:
Research Officer/Postdoctoral Fellow with Feast New Zealand
Prof Joanne Hort has a 3-year research position open for application in association with an industry partner in Combining implicit and explicit measures of emotional response to better predict food choice. Closing date: 8th December 2022. Please contact j.hort@massey.ac.nz who is happy to discuss the position with you before you apply.


Joining the executive board as Scientific Chair at Society for Sensory Professionals.
Super excited about increasing engagement

I'm a behavioral working in . I use a combination of psychological, neuroscientific, and traditional market tools to better understand behavior. Board member for and (), I'm busy trying to make sure the science is right in industry research.

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