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Dear religious people,

Please allow regular people to live unimpeded by your bullshit.

Thank you,

We Didn't Start The AR-15 Firing

(Unfortunately, it's always too soon)

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I’ve finished reading the #FultonCounty #indictment, first time through. I’ll need to read it again to fully absorb it, but it is a crucial historical and legal document. Because #FaniWillis charged under #Georgia #RICO statute, the indictment fully captures how extensive and coordinated were the efforts of #Trump, #Giuliani, #Eastman, #Meadows and the rest. All the acts described in the RICO count have been reported, even been synthesized by journalists. But the discipline …1/2 #LawFedi


Remember when said if they didn't fight like hell on January 6th, they wouldn't have a country anymore?

We're still standing, fuckers.

Very good. Almost makes up for voting for George W. Bush. Almost...

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Trump’s attorney is on the morning talk shows floating various defenses—including that his requests were not criminal but “aspirational.”

So when a person says “I’d like you to kill my spouse” it isn’t soliciting murder, it’s simply an aspirational request.


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Waiting on Georgia and uncovering those co-conspirators now...

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If I haven't seen the first two indictments will I understand the third one

is up to 78 right now. Only needs to lose one to be a convicted felon...

Four more indictments!
Four more indictments!
Four more indictments!
Four more indictments!

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Many localities report popcorn shortages as federal grand jury assembles today in D.C. 🍿

This.. already was a thing for consumer end products, except for oven appliance bulbs since solder in most circuit boards for LEDs would melt in oven cleaning temperatures.

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Let me get this straight. Republicans are banning books, drag shows, and life-saving gender-affirming care, all to "protect children"

But they're also rolling back child labor laws, blocking gun reform, and passing laws to force adolescents to give birth.

Do I have that right?

#uspol #Trump #GAindictment 

Trump's case to disqualify Fani Willis in Fulton County Superior Court, Judge Robert McBurney just denied due to lack of evidence, lack of standing and moot. Dismissed!

Whomp whomp, orange .

Star Trek Strange New Worlds S02E08 Under The Cloak of War Spoilers 

DS9 had some strong atrocities of war episodes, but this episode... Damn... This is going to be THE episode that will be top referenced from now on. It was brutal, and beautifully told.

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Twitter is rebranding as X. Do you know what else X represents on the internet?

Not loading.

#uspol 2020 election denying 

If "election denier" is old, so is actual election denying because that came first. No one has had to recertify the 2020 vote for YEARS now.

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