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Just a gentle reminder to photographers to include good Alt text descriptions of your images when posting. One word or minimal tags aren't enough: sight-impaired and blind people want to get a proper feeling for what's in your image – be sure to tell them what's there, give them the picture and how it looks.

Let everyone appreciate and enjoy your beautiful work! 📸🖼️

#photography #blind #blindness #AltText #MetaText #SightImpaired #ImageDescription #image #photo

@adwright I remember watching the pilot of it when I was in high school, it was essentially the same thing as the first episode. JMS is supposedly working on a reboot of it soon.

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Today was the 30th anniversary of the first episode of Babylon 5, the genre-reshaping series blending politics and religion in one 5 year long story arc, mostly written by one person.

It was crazy hard watching this show - it was syndicated, popped up and disappeared for months at a time and was like nothing before it for the world-building and strong storyline.

Impeccably cast, hands down the finest low budget SF series ever made. Powerful stuff.


@mreldrich @ignova the only algorithm here on Mastodon is time... I love reading my feed in chronological order. Especially when Elmo took over, I'm seeing way more of "this is what some right-wing nutjob tweeted, and you're seeing it because your follower follows them." If I wanted to see that right-wing bullshit I would follow them myself. I've been doing a heckuva lot more blocking over there lately.

@Cosmo this is a test because I can see vmst from qoto, but not the other way around.

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I want to migrate my account to a new instance, but it appears that there's a snag when the new instance has defederated the old one. How does one migrate in that situation?

@Gargron How do you migrate accounts to one that defederated the old instance? (I'm trying to move from to

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@Pjcoyle both railroad-related bills passed the House. Now it's on to the Senate, where it will need 60 votes to pass.


I agree, Warnock will prevail, they're smashing early voting records nearly everyday. A condition that tends to favor the Democrat ticket.

Markle Ω  
Prediction: Warnock wins by 5 points. 🙂

@LaurieGShannon the capybaras might have something to say if those emus encroach on their territory, the south side of the neighborhood.

@bluewave just because I'm not paranoid doesn't mean they're not coming out to get me.

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Both parts passed the House of Reps today. It now goes to the Senate tomorrow for a vote, and at least 3 GOP senators said they are on board to vote in the 7 paid sick days. Hopefully there are more, it needs at least 60 votes to pass there.

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Senator Bernie Sanders pushed forward an amendment that would guarantee all national agreement railroad workers 7 days of paid sick day time. Right now railroad workers get zero. The other agreement only includes 1. They vote on this TODAY. For our economy, it's imperative we take care of our workers that work outdoors, long hours, schedules that disrupt most family living, in unclean industrial environments. Please support the 7 sick pay days for the railroad workers.

@theropologist it's more of a classic internet explorer bookmark (which was also called favorites, btw) that tells the author that what they wrote was worthy of a re-read later. It doesn't show anyone else but the author of your approval.

@Tibor I'd love to try it out, but still hasn't fixed their login issues with Movetodon. @freemo you said it was in a future update, I'm just not sure how to check when the updates happen.

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