Yeah, you're correct.. but it's just for the lulz. I know too many right wingers who still can't pronounce her name right nor did they like being reminded about Obama. So, they get it, and it annoys them enough, so Mission Accomplished. 😊

@iuculano Byron's response... These are what Americans are feeling.

Feelings are not facts.

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Via Angry Staffer:

Hey so uh… pollsters largely said LePen was going to win in France and she just got blown out.

Polls don’t vote.


Wow. That is very, very different than what the polls and pundits said was a sure thing.

JUST IN: Polls closed in France. Exit polls show surprise:

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I wish I lived in a country where Donald Trump raping and sexually assaulting girls within Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring was treated with at least half the outrage and gravity of Joe Biden having one bad debate night.


Trump said he wants to fight inflation by putting a 10% tariff on all imported foreign goods... AMERICANS PAY THAT. That would be raising taxes 10% on a shitload of sales at todays inflated prices, and do you think the ones selling domestic goods would keep their prices down? NO!

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Boom! 447 GW of new solar capacity installed in 2023. That's 87% more than in 2022.

Source is SolarPower Europe

This is my former house that's up for sale in far Northeast Philadelphia. There's an open house this Saturday.

I moved two months ago and fixed up my former house before putting it up for sale. If anyone is interested in a rowhome in far northeast Philly, a 5 minute walk to the bus terminal on Frankford Ave that borders with Bensalem - DM me.

President Joe Biden doesn't need a grant of clemency in order to vote in November.

Convicted Felon does.

(No Spoilers)
Watched the first two episodes of in the (Season 14? Season 1?) Ncuti Gatwa Doctor under Russell T Davies. I really missed the silliness/goofiness that made the villains as charming as the Doctor themself.
Doctor Who is in the right hands.

@GottaLaff adult age AND entering political service? Now, he's even more appropriate to scrutinize than Hunter Biden, who hasn't served in politics.


@Reborn_Cat_Mom Good luck with all that wiring! It looks complicated.


, the so-called billionaire who couldn't afford to pay for his own court judgment to be able to appeal it, couldn't stay awake after about an hour of court today.

Secretary Hillary Clinton stayed awake and alert over 11 hours for her Benghazi hearing.

@lauren I second this motion. I don't need the search engine's algorithm results spoon fed to me. More often than not - they're answering the wrong question anyway.

Sorry Google - Ask Jeeves was so 2003.

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