A preview of next week when the so-called billionaire pretends he can't afford an approx. half billion dollar payment.

Waiting on Georgia and uncovering those co-conspirators now...

Twitter is rebranding as X. Do you know what else X represents on the internet?

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Memorial Day Tribute 

On this Memorial Day, I remember SSG James Hunter, a military journalist that encountered an IED while augmenting a foot patrol, the first military journalist who died in the line of duty since the Vietnam War.

Happy Towel Day to all you hoopy froods in the Fediverse!

Have a cuppa tea to celebrate the brilliance that was Douglas Adams.


This is what we need, mockery memorabilia for every single stupid thing that the red hats put out. This is the response to the Gadsen flag.

Tip for those immigrating from the Birdsite 

Settings > Preferences > Other

Your mileage may vary - On my instance these were turned off by default. Turning them on made following people with my interests when I searched by hashtag SO MUCH EASIER.

Birdsite speculation 

For shits & giggles I did a whois search on Twitter. Who wants to bet that the employees who were responsible for upkeep on their registration were either fired or they quit?

Tick tock, Space Karen.