The best way to use (or in fact do anything in a terminal) is with -retro-term.

I will die on this hill.


News: “Man and woman to look at rug, then add a stitch”.

#ukpol #ai #tit 

Silly typo. Should of course read “01010100

Quality journalism from The Scotsman. Two-question headline that answer each other.

Piss off, you vacuous goon. You hide behind parliamentary privilege as much as the next HoC troll.

Class: Bard
Weapons: Ring binder hole reinforcer and marker pen
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Can’t say I disagree with this terse assessment of Stanley Johnson.

There is not enough irony in the world to unpack this accidentally comedic bellend’s obsequiousness.

Farage: “I was never dishonest” he says lyingly like a lying liar.

Now someone is annoyed now because “you got rid of my garden snacks”*…

  • I can read chihuahua faces with 98.85% accuracy.
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