Me: “Mina, would you like another walk? It’s not raining now.”

Meta/“official” Mastadon app (iOS) 

This seems completely redundant in three ways:
1) displaying something filtered at all;
2) displaying something filtered at (presumably) the reserved size of the filtered content;
2) displaying something filtered with no other context to determine if the filter needs to be fine-tuned.

🎶 Show me the way to the issue tracker. I’m tired and I want to go to bed. 🎶

As a sequel to the smash hit “Dogs”, Cats 

Esme and Willow, the night stalkers just back from patrol, wanting pre-nap snacks

Personal nerdery 

Doing a bit of a reorganisation and realising I may have “issues”.

Slavery USPol 

Slavery made illegal in Tennessee in *checks notes* November 2022.

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