Ugh. Imposter syndrome kicking in big time. Always does when I’m running on empty, but that seems to be precisely when one needs to be able to pretend to be on the ball.

@lucifargundam I’m hoping that’s the case sooner rather than later. 🤞

Either you're not thinking cleverly enough or you're not desperate enough.

You could always crank up the heat.

Write about it. Keep a journal to manifest nonphysical obstacles into something you can physically bring closure to. Symbolism is powerful if not done incorrectly.

@lucifargundam "powerful if not done incorrectly", i gotta remember that if i don't feel the need to not confuse someone at a time not in the past.

Jumbled words and incoherent rambling can cause misalignment of perceived constitution. Evaluation of mental faculties requires consistent and coherent conveyance of thought that is often led astray by trauma occuring during long spams of time.

Writing things down is the first step, writing things down _well_ is the next.

@lucifargundam I concur. Time is a spammer and should be banned from our realm. A time increase every smallest amount of time imaginable? Mind-boggling.

Also the other thing i took from this is that you share this gem of "improve, don't expect perfection immediately". I sure hope i can do this to a degree satisfactory to me before time spams me too much.

"On a scale from time to evaluation, how aligned do i sound?"

@nullifidian I'm not sure what you're working on, but somebody explained to me that fields that require a degree of creativity, create imposter syndrome easier because what you're doing comes with the feeling that nobody else is doing what you're doing, which maybe true. But if you're creating something new, that's the way it is. Also, anytime you have to "trial & error" something, can also yield that feeling because you know you don't know. But both doing something that nobody else is doing, or trial & error are both normal parts of a creative work cycle. Hope this helps 🤷

@nullifidian So you were working hard and feel exhausted? Am i getting that right?
If yes, better watch "burnout" too and give yourself some time if possible. If it makes you feel even more like an impostor, think about incompetent people in your past. Bound to be some that can fullfill their calling in life: inspiring people with impostor syndrome to think positive.

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