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@fishidwardrobe @xtaldave Probably cheats at solitaire. And blames “the west” when he loses.

UkPol, right to protest. 

‘Hostile, authoritarian’ UK downgraded in civic freedoms index.

This is a stain on our country. Tories need to be ousted, and this needs to be fixed, asap.

#UkPol #UKNews

@tommorris This does not say “surprise” to me; the exact opposite. People suck.

Reminder: for ~7.5Bn people (95% of the world population) Pi is equal to 14.3

RT @BalancePowerUK: Green Party MP @CarolineLucas rips up a copy of the Illegal Migration bill during the second reading debate


@arclight In my world they get Markdown or LaTeX (or some abominable hybrid of the two) or they get sod all.

Gah! First two tyres needed replacing, then the other two needed replacing, and now the damned boot lock is buggered! 😩

The UK needs something like CSPAN, but exempt from tv "licensing". Participating in democracy shouldn't have a price tag.

@freemo @airfoils Some smartarse living near us has their house number stencilled on their recycling bin as an expression including square roots/exponents. I bet the local council hate them. 😂

My favorite past time: Using arbitrary fractions to describe the time... "It is currently two sevenths to 3"

@freemo Boss move: describing fractions of an hour in radians.

BBC Director General Tim Davie says that the corporation's impartiality guidelines are "equally applied to people being critical of the left and the right."

Apart from when it isn't.

If you like your family and don’t like paying solicitors, make a will.

Good grief! In place of MOTD Women's super league, BBC has substituted a programme by that well-known impartial GBNews presenter, Neil Oliver,
They must be kidding!

The BBC clearly think Match Of The Day viewers want to see another own goal.


Good thing the UK government hasn’t yet gone full-fascist: it would be terrible for someone to lose their job for stating the fucking obvious while working for the impartial state broadcaster controlled by chums and donors of those in power.

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