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Good results so far.. some server admins told us to fuck off and wouldn't even listen. But quite a few so far have told me we are now removed from the block list. Several others are reviewing our timeline and will make a decision.

I expect many instances wont listen since they never bothered to fact check the accusations in the first place. But the fact that in less than an hour many have already agreed to unblock us is enough for me to consider this a successful interaction.

🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
So I reached out to admins of the few instances that block us with a polite email explaining some of the misinformation spread about us in the past...

You can go months in London without seeing any colleagues whilst commuting.

This morning I saw two. One fully 5 stops before work.

Obvs didn't speak to them. I'm not a monster.

Nuclear SQA Nerdery 

One of the worrying issues when validating code, scientific code in particular, is the use of undocumented numeric literals, more popularly known as Magic Numbers. The lack of documentation complicates the V&V process; sometimes the meaning of a number is obvious from context but often it's not. What should be an exercise checking that a value is appropriate turns into a search for what that value represents.


"Scientology and the Aftermath" helped to expose #Scientology for what it is. It would be nice to have a series do the same for the evangelical fundamentalist Christianity that thrives at mega-churches throughout the U.S. Sort of like a Jesus Camp series that sticks the horror in viewers' faces until they decide that it is no longer acceptable. #christian #ChristianNationalism #television

Autistic burnout can be much more than simply being exhausted. It can include feeling overwhelmed or having constant anxiety.😞

You may find your special interests are no longer appealing or that you feel irritable all the time.😒

Have you experienced burnout?

#AskingAutistics #ActuallyAutistic

Please take a moment to drink in the :sparkles_pink: absolute spectacle :sparkles_indigo: that is the instance:

Lazyweb help wanted: NAS recommendations 

Looking for recommendations for a new home . Our current one has reached EOL, so we’re looking for something up-to-date to replace it:

  • 4+ bays (with or without drives)
  • RAID (any scheme, just not JBOD)
  • Gigabit ethernet (x2 pref.)
  • SSH and web interface
  • ext4 (pref.)
  • 2GB+ RAM (expandable++!)
  • quiet & low-power standby
  • the faster the better, obvs!

Burned badly by in the past, so 👎

Any input much appreciated! TIA!

The world is really making it hard for us writers of #dystopian fiction to compete right now. FFS.

Walking one of the dogs, and a young lass wanders up to me and asks if I “would like an egg”, holding in her hand what appeared to be a common chicken egg.

Is this what the kids are up to these days: wandering around offering people poultry ova? :thinkingwithblobs:

There has been a lot of research about autistics over the years, but this one really took the cake! 🍰

Find out what happened when researchers attempted to compare the moral compass of autistic and non-autistic people... (1/2)

#actuallyautistic #autism #neurodivergence #comic #art #MastoArt

Please don't use #Fedified! 🙏

This is what it says about itself:

"(Fedified) is *the* way to make sure that you're following the account managed by the same person you used to follow on Twitter."

It wants to be a central authority. This is dangerous, and opposite to what the Fediverse stands for.

People become dependent on a central authority, then it gets bought out by billionaires.

You can already verify your account on here without using any centralised lists:

Intellectual property theft, boost please 

So, DeviantArt opted in, by default, all existing art on the website for use by third-party AI.

Without notifying their users. For all existing art.

You have to go through your art pieces one by one and tick a box that you do NOT consent to this.

I learnt about it on Birdsite, by accident.

And of course, any inactive user or dead user will have their art used by AI models from now on, even though they never agreed to this.


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