You ever have a preorder wait that was longer than a pregnancy? I preordered this Ball 1917 GMT 9 months and 17 days ago. Just arrived.

My wallpaper is just a constant reminder that in Nuclear War, everybody dies

Had to break out the Raketa Space Launcher. Its been a while. The bezel is made out of metal from the Soyuz 2.1a rocket. Fun watch, and one of my favorite casebacks out there.

You would think with it being -5 F out, and your house has no insulation, it would be hard to find positives. My home server sits next to an exterior wall. Loving these temps 🀣

I don't think anyone is going to like my tweet 🀣

Traditional oven cooked, vs Smoked 

Which would you choose? We have both.

Anyone's kids ever get a tonsillectomy? 

I know it's normal after the procedure, but wherever he walks to it smells like a used diaper covered in burnt hair....

My wife got out the holiday decorations the other day. She moved one into my peripheral, and I kept feeling like I was being watched. 

Stop staring at me, Gnome!

New tool. I don't buy knives all that much anymore, but when I do, they are from Finland.

Love Brisa and Elmax.

This thing is crazy. From Steven Pinker. It hurts my eyes too look at, I actually have too look away. But the center white is the same brightness/color as the radiating white (that's with the black). I think our minds just recognize it as the sun, but still create a physical response. Even after 15mins, I still can't look at it for too long.

Gonna keep this local meme going. So, should we vote on this inner_drawer change or what?

I'm not sure if I should be happy for Rovelli in his apparent acceptance and fear lacking approach to death, or to be skeptical at his authenticity (final chapter), The Order of Time.

@taz no need after his 1st tweet back. I guess he decided to get straight to it

Had to break out the Raketa. Hadn't worn it in quite a while πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί

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