You ever have a preorder wait that was longer than a pregnancy? I preordered this Ball 1917 GMT 9 months and 17 days ago. Just arrived.

@slider7420 I have 0 faith in the Bills going forward after that shit performance. Thanks though. No offense, you're team was hurt and 9-8. Bills' worst game of the year

Do something good today. Help a stranger. Compliment a stranger. Kiss a stranger.

Maybe not the last one.

@slider7420 There's your gift(s), no more the 2nd half 😜

@slider7420 My prediction was 41-23. I had faith in your running game. They will turn it up

@slider7420 lol. I will still say good luck to you πŸ˜€

@slider7420 The last time the Bills won was least you have a win haha

@slider7420 I've been a Bills fan my entire life. We deserve a super bowl after all we have been through throughout the years, and 4 straight failed attempts. Root for us instead πŸ˜€

Just arrived; new budget AK02 CW paddle. Paid only ~ €15 The thing is 3D printed with magnetic feet and usable for practice Morse code or field operation #morsecode #truSDX #hamradio

@ceoln Yup, exactly, you must not have heard me say you are right and I am wrong πŸ˜‚ @freemo

@ceoln If it was anything else, I'd be in for discussion. Again, this subject is just too predictable and tiresome. My apologies @freemo

@ceoln I've only read the first part of your statement "I can easily show you people obsessed with having him jailed" and stopped. In my last reply I agreed with that statement, so I am not going to read the rest. I don't argue with cultists (on either side), it's pointless, which is why I originally said I didn't want to name names, and you said "just tell me blah blah blah curiosity blah blah blah", which I took at your word, but I learned my lesson. Let's just say you're correct and I'm wrong, so I can skip the pointless back and forth of obvious statements. It's boring, predictable, and uninteresting.@freemo

@ceoln That's the only cult you see, because of the cult you are probably in (no offense, really, just from my experience but I could be wrong). One cult idolizes him as a science god, another, like you said, is obsessed with having him jailed. I accept no arguments from the position of authority, just stating that "experts" are correct, because they are experts. As I've said a million times, to me the best ethos is an arguments logos. @freemo

@aardrian to tell you the truth, I'm not sure. I use it everyday, but just for PDF viewing. Have no idea the other capabilities, but assumed there would be some haha

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