With some excellent last minute help from the person who made the knife, my sister, and my sister's friend, we got the LED knife working in time for the show.


Dagnabbit! Our glow show for New Student Orientation is on Sunday and my LED fireknife has a loose wire. I doubt I'll be able to repair it because (a) I don't really know anything about electronics and (b) the guts are all glued deep inside the thick PVC pipe that makes up the body of the thing.

Backup plan is to just spin a knife with no wick attached, as a sort of ailao.

The Fire Marshal won't let us use fire right now because it hasn't really rained in a month and the landscape is too crispy.

I'm a CS professor from Oregon. My research projects involve deep convolutional neural networks applied to photos of (meteorological) and building video games (using ) to teach people about preparedness. Hobbies include , (including ), and game design (thegamecrafter.com/games/siva-).

Just two more days left in Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which means time is running out to win a copy of my card game Siva Afi: The Fireknife Dance of Samoa.


Boost to be entered in the drawing.

The World Fireknife Championship is today:


(Apologies for posting a link to The Site That Is Even Worse Than the Birdsite, but that's where the online fireknife community is.)

Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

To celebrate, I'm giving away a copy of my card game Siva Afi: The Fireknife Dance of Samoa.


Boost to be entered in the drawing.

I'd also be interested in meeting any other fire dancers on Mastodon.

Put in the olympics!
RT @qikipedia
New sports that will feature at the 2024 Olympics are skateboarding, climbing, surfing and breakdancing. A campaign to include pΓ©tanque was unsuccessful.

Honored to have *another* three time world fireknife champion try out my card game.

I'll be running Siva Afi: The Fireknife Dance of Samoa online @playingcardsio this Saturday at 3 PM Pacific. Let me know if you want in.

Did I mention that my new card game is bilingual, with all card text in both and English?

I've got Siva Afi set up to play on @playingcardsio! Contact me if you'd like to play this Saturday. CHEEHOO!

Sometimes you look down at your hands and think, "I could keep spinning, but that much blood is probably going to make the knives slippery."

I'm ready to push the English/Samoan bilingual edition of my card game about fireknife dancing into reality. Watch the drama unfold on @BoardGameGeek:


I've designed a small card game about Samoan fireknife dancing (). Anyone know of a culturally inclusive publisher? Meta-advice, links happily accepted.

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