Now that I've shifted from GM to player in my space campaign, I've decorated my notebook as appropriate for my character, Susan the passive-aggressive uplifted .

I beat a 1-dan in an even game, so maybe my KGS rank is legit. It was a very short game, like one of those samurai duels where they run past each other and then one of them falls in half.

I don't know how I'm supposed to keep up morale working in a place like this.

I think my opponent (black) resigned prematurely, but KGS now has me as "1d?". The evidence is piling up that I might know what I'm doing.

I must be missing something, because it looks like the Google Play store is telling me there are only 12 RPGs for . No infinite scroll, no next page, just these 12 items.

Today a child suggested that I look like Isaac Newton, which, fair.

The challenge for the obligatory Halloween costume is getting apples to continuously fall on my head.

I've noted before that most of the neural network books on my shelf are blue. That's probably a coincidence, but the similarity between these two programming languages book covers (from different publishers) is just weird.

Annoyed by this gratuitous new sidebar in ?

Click on the gear at upper right and choose "customize" under "apps in gmail" to get rid of it.

From the engraving, you'd think this is a combination Viagra / Ambien.

Care to hazard a guess what it's actually for?

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