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Solutions needed: Is it possible for to automatically exclude Protocols from measurement?

Should report a missing branch if a comprehension doesn't run to completion?

Would it be better if instead of "2->exit" it said "completion(2)" ?

Bugs like dt.replace(year=dt.year + 1), code that works with ordinal day-of-year, etc.

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Psst. Next year is a leap year. Depending on your deployment story, now (or 3 months ago😅) might be a good time to start looking into logic that won’t handle leap years correctly.

isn’t great, but it’s a darn sight better than this.

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“Oh I need to communicate with someone on Discord quickly, guess I’ll launch it. Oh, there’s an update available, so Discord prevents me from opening their appliaction.”

Reason #215 to avoid .

Just released Typer 0.8.0 🔖

With support for ✨ custom param types ✨

Thanks to John Purviance for the work in the PyCon sprint! 🍰

Post-conference notes from my experience at PyCon 2023. I think I am squeaking under the wire for these to still be relevant…

@PyConUS #PyConUS

Genuinely the best thread I've seen on Hacker News in years: "Ask HN: Most interesting tech you built for just yourself?"

So many delightfully niche projects!

Note: This is one of the exceedingly rare occasions where I like something like this.

For the most part I find content about datetimes, DST and programming in general to be boring and uninteresting.

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Heading home from , ready to relax and see my family again after 10 days in SLC.

To celebrate, here’s some fiction relevant to my work that you might be interested in:

Anyone have videos of the club juggling that happened at #PyConUs? I saw some on phones, but I guess they weren't shared?

It was just a few days ago that I was spontaneously praising @kevin for his work transforming Bloomberg’s culture with respect to open source. You could do much worse than hiring him.

Kevin P. Fleming  
In case you haven't heard, Red Hat is laying off people today, and I'm one of them. My 'career' as a Hatter lasted just over 15 months, much less t...

In case you haven't heard, Red Hat is laying off people today, and I'm one of them. My 'career' as a Hatter lasted just over 15 months, much less time than I had planned or expected.

Many of you know me well, and know that I have extensive background in open source software, project management, open source business, and lots of related activities. If you're aware of any opportunities which may be of interest, feel free to send them my way via any channel you like.

Boosts much appreciated, of course, and thanks in advance!

@PyConUS #PyConSprints #PyCon #PyConUS #PyConUS2023 there are other projects sprinting this year which weren't able to speak at the end but are listed on the PyCon website. Check them out!

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@PyConUS #PyConSprints #PyConUS2023

* Circuit Python - hardware projects, issues are tagged for beginners, also open to introducing people to the project - 3 days
* Pants - build project and deployment system
* MyPy and MyPyC - 2 days - all skill levels
* Conda - 2 days - packaging, ecosystem, all of Conda to expand the contributor community
* Hive - simulator for electric vehicle fleets - open to all skill levels

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#PyConSprints #PyConUS2023

* CPython - not mentored sprints
* GNU Mailman - all 4 days, Django web UIs and core
* Beeware - Sprinting on Briefcase, open to all levels of skill, contributors get a challenge coin
* Open Source Governance Project - open to non-code contributions
* Django Simple Deploy - 3 days
Mesa - Agent based modelling in Python, wide impact - open to all developers
* PEP 669 - Monitoring API in CPython, includes non-code contributions

Are you curious about my chaotic mix of PyPI libraries and applications? Want to know what these nonsense words mean? Come chat with me in 251E at 5PM about all these topics! #PyConUS @PyConUS

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