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It still feels like magic to me that #NumPy allows slices that aren't "rectangular". They can be arbitrary index lists, which in the simplest form allows you to "draw" polygons by first selecting the pixels and then making a single assignment. That's what ski.draw.polygon does.

But it goes further, you can have really arbitrary lists of multi-dimensional indexes so they don't have to be continuous or anything. My simple high-school math mind can barely accept it 🤯


NumPy 2.0 is coming. You should be excited and terrified in equal measure.

- Stan Siebert at #SciPy2023

I’m not really a textbook reader type, anyone have a recommendation for my colleague who is a Java/Kotlin expert and looking to skill up on ?

Wow. Meta commits to dedicate three engineer-years to implement the removal of the GIL from #Python and fix upcoming compatibility and performance issues with it.

All this dependent on whether the Steering Council accepts PEP 703.

Need to work with timezones in #Python?

Don't use pytz! Use zoneinfo.

It's included in the Python standard library from Python 3.9 onward and pip install-able if you're on Python 3.8.

If your code needs to run on Windows, note that you'll need to pip install tzdata to use Python's zoneinfo module properly.

If you're really curious to understand this topic deeply, watch @pganssle's talk from @pycon:

The scope of a feature request often isn't obvious to the asker. For example, someone just asked on the Python forum to make it possible to subclass `pathlib.Path.` Meanwhile, Barney Gale has spent the last *three years* or so working on all the nuances of that, and it's finally making it into Python 3.12 although there's more to do. He worked so much they made him a core dev. #Python #TodayInOpenSource

Once again, I am so frustrated by Python static typing If any typing expert out there wants to help, that would be wonderful. #Python

I'm on the job market. Any early stage startups hiring lead engineer positions, DM me please! 🙂

WTF is wrong with the Apple ecosystem? I’ve tried 3 different podcast apps now (Podcasts, @overcastfm and PocketCasts) and it seems like none of them are capable of easily like… opening a link to an RSS feed and turning that into a podcast if the feed is only available on the LAN. It’s infuriating that every time I deal with some Apple thing it’s something like this.

This weekend I’ve spent more time in the tox rabbit hole than I expected, but check out how I’ve cut the runtime of full tox runs of the attrs test suite by 75%:

Two Ways to Turbo-Charge tox

Twitter is falling apart. Reddit is falling apart. Facebook fell apart ages ago. Meta is a trashfire. Instagram is baloney. Google can't even search for anything you want anymore.

You know what website still miraculously works?


You should donate to keep it that way.

I’ve been tempted to get an Oura ring, but I’m a bit worried that the device would become useless if the company went under and also, more importantly, it seems like they have a proprietary charger that costs $60!

Why don’t people build their stuff to work with standard wireless charging pads 😭

wow TIL that as of #tox 4, you can absolutely SLAY the environment build times if your project builds universal wheels (= virtually all pure-#Python ones)

Just add

package = wheel
wheel_build_env = .pkg

and it won’t build your package for every Python version anew:

For my service-identity which has a very quick test suite but a lot of factor combinations, it’s 3m vs 30s. structlog that has fewer but slower envs is still 2:35 vs 1:47.

Me: “I should get this shirt.”
Wife: “… Why?”
Me: “To look extremely cool, obviously.”

Nailed it.

(Not shown: the matching one my 5 year old was wearing.)

Calling all #Python library maintainers! 🐍

Python 3.12 is in beta! 🎉

This means no new features are allowed in and it's now time to start testing your code. You might find things in your code to fix, or even better, you might find things to fix in Python itself!

Here's how to do it: #python312 #beta #test #CI #GitHubActions

req for suggestions to my limited following 😅 anyone know of any tools/services for capturing user feedback on CLI tools e.g. “try out this new feature: do the prompts make sense? do the commands make sense for the task(s) we're asking you to do?”

git pro tip 

`git log -S some_variable_name` returns all commits where `some_variable_name` is in the diff (either removed, added, or modified)

super useful for tracking down regressions where you know the variable that's the culprit

Note: I will eventually try fish or zsh, but my schedule and to-do list don’t currently permit me to rework all my dotfiles to work with a new shell.

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I’ve tried atuin so far, and I don’t like it. I think I can only use it with the full screen history search and somehow despite the fact that it’s automatically merging commands from all shells, it still loses commands, sometimes from the shell I’m currently using.

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