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Haha, setuptools_scm apparently does not, itself, expose a __version__ attribute.

Also it turns out I set up release automation for dateutil over 3 years ago and completely forgot about it and only ever used it once. Thanks, past me!

Cutting this release has made me nostalgic for the days when I was a conscientious, responsive and organized maintainer 😛

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Oops, someone made it so that you could lazy-load dateutil submodules over 4 years ago and I never cut a release including that.

That has now been rectified in python-dateutil version 2.9.0. Enjoy:

New release of DateType today, since apparently (oops!) I forgot to include year, month, and day attributes on DateTime:

Get excited for PyCon US 2024! Full talk schedule has been announced!
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@pganssle it seems to be treating the sum of True as True, and True/2 is 0.5.

You can change the dtype to get a more normal looking answer.

pd.Series([np.array(True), np.array(True)]).mean() == 0.5

#python #numpy #wat

Metadata 2.3 is now supported on pypi, you can now upload source distributions with reliable metadata

Maturin support:

I think your post contains some sort of embed not supported by all instances: I only saw it when opening it in a browser.

For others, it's NERD Summit:

I’ll be speaking at this, so if you are in the Western Mass area and are interested to hear about the app I built to teach my kids to have perfect pitch, stop on in. 😀

NERD Summit  
NERD Summit 2024: Fri, March 8 - Sat, March 9 Got your tickets yet? Hope to see you there! Don't forget to checkout the workshops! https://ti.t...

Found the issue here — after showed up in some stack traces for other things that were crashing (e.g. Element), I installed ibus and uninstalled uim, and now everything works again. 🎉.

And apparently in some contexts I am now able to do the Super + . shortcut to pull up an emoji picker!

Paul Ganssle  
Man, #firefox crashes on launch every time, and #thunderbird doesn’t launch at all (thunderbird & just hangs on “Using nsImapService.cpp”, then...

I feel like I’ve been lucky that when I saw the Keep a Changelog page, I thought, “Hm, weird that people need to be told that — all the (public-facing) software I know and work on maintains changelogs.

I am guessing that this is… not as common in some other software ecosystems.


“As of April 2023 there have been no credible reported cases of juice jacking outside of research efforts.”

My workflow is such that I like to keep manual profiles to isolate different use cases for the browser, but firefox profiles are too cumbersome to switch between, and Multi-Account containers just don’t work well for me, so I end up with Firefox as my “open any link” browser, and Chrome as my “different profile for each different service” browser (e.g. twitter has one profile, github has another, and LinkedIn is always in incognito windows on a dedicated “clear everything” profile — and even then I think to myself I should probably only be accessing that website via Qubes OS or something).

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I can’t tell if this is a good time for this to happen or a bad time for it to happen, because I just found this:

Which, if I can get FF working again, could make it possible for me to give up Chrome entirely.

Paul Ganssle  
Man, #firefox crashes on launch every time, and #thunderbird doesn’t launch at all (thunderbird & just hangs on “Using nsImapService.cpp”, then...

Man, crashes on launch every time, and doesn’t launch at all (thunderbird & just hangs on “Using nsImapService.cpp”, then segfaults when I Ctrl+C after 24 hours…).

I have no idea what happened here and I don’t feel like I have time to mess around with it too much right now. Very disappointing.

This year will be the 20th anniversary of @leonardr's #Python screen-scraping tool Beautiful Soup.

Please contact me if you'd like to contribute to the celebration by:

* contributing to a "how Beautiful Soup was important to my life or career" anthology
* helping edit and publish that anthology
* funding printing the book
* throwing or speaking at a party on or around May 19th, 2024


* helping upgrade Leonard's PyCon travel so it's not just economy/coach

@coveragepy can now use Python 3.12's new sys.monitoring module with much lower overhead.

On 3.12, it's about the same as if you were running tests *without* coverage enabled!

With 7.4.2, you can set COVERAGE_CORE=sysmon globally on your CI, and it'll only use it where available (Python 3.12 and 3.13 alpha), and use the default for 3.11 and older.

For example, @pillow is 9% - 27% faster!

#Python #coverage #CoveragePy #pytest #testing #CI

Also if someone has a better version of this please let me know I am not interested in maintaining any kind of shell code.

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