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Ad un certo punto sono arrivato a trovarmi con le arch based perchè per motivi personali mi ritrovavo (e ritrovo tuttora) ad alternare i miei pc, passando mesi tra gli aggiornamenti.
Questo si tramutava in casini con le chiavi gpg ed errori su errori dopo il download dei pacchetti aggiornati. Anche seguendo le guide di Endevour quando lo usavo avevo comunqie problemi.

Be the best version of yourself. I am the best version of myself and yet I suck at life.

This morning I played my first warhammer AoS match at my local GW store. It was just a tutorial against the clerk and yet I had a lot of fun!

@gpowerf Yeah, big surprise. A console that can run current gen games at half of the price and it's often on sale.

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Flat origami is Turing Complete. (arXiv:2309.07932v1 [math.CO]) arxiv.org/abs/2309.07932

Yesterday I saw how much competitive some of my coworkers may be while I am more of a relaxed type of person.

Quando pensi di battere i vecchi ma loro sono cintura nera secondo dan di sveglia mattutina, campioni imbattuti di ritiro della pensione.

When they say the school or university don't teach you things you need for work, they aren't wrong.
Let's take digital signatures for example. You learn that a digital signature is a triple of algorithms used for proving authenticity and integrity of a file.
What is an actual digital signature when you work? Your full name plus info slapped at the end of an email or a PNG of your handwritten signature.

I was picking up an other's guy phone thinking it was mine 😅

@freemo Let C be the category of people. Let f the endomorphism of fucking, I.e. f(a,b)="a fucks b".
Thus, f(you,you).

@trinsec it's 45 minutes for me. So my routine is dinner -> do the dishes -> set the washing machine -> wait for 45 minutes -> dry clothes. When I finish it's about 22.30 and I'm too tired to do anything else.

What I'd want to do after coming home from work:
- build my gunpla
- play videogames
What I'm going to do:
- laundry

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