does not promote .

"Táíwò’s project is reclamation. “It’s a starting point,” he said of the concept’s original use. “It’s compatible with working on common problems with people from other identity groups.”"

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I've always considered , much like , an 's own, personal, tacit, unique attribute, evolved through a lifetime and representing the history of all social interactions they had with their environment.

I find the modern focus on the many "identities" (father, golfer, employee, etc ...) one has during the day, wrong.

In my view, these are just external one assumes and plays in different they are part of. They may define an individual is but not they are.

In fact, I believe that it is an individual is that affect they do they do in the role they are given.

I also consider the largely accepted academic presented in the attached document as the direct cause of our present dysfunctional society marred by .

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