I feel something is wrong with this line of reasoning but I can't quite put my finger on it.

It has something to do with the flawed assumption that it is social media that "rips the fabric of civil society".🤔 What about the effects of the growing between the rich becoming wealthier and the poor even more impoverished?

, despite all its flaws, is actually the only democratic tool able to increase global awareness about the fact that such economic inequalities, despite being a global phenomenon do not originate from some "others" (race, nation, religion), but from your very "own people".

The excerpt is from:

The exciting future of is in Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

➡️ Along with solar, wind, and water, more in the used technologies means better overall performance and .
➡️ Simpler with local clean and small-footprint means there is no need for long unsightly power-lines
➡️ Better (smaller reactors and energy outputs means also smaller consequences of possible failure.

I'm waiting for the model below to install on my 1983 DeLorean😀:


Radio Paradise is having a party and you are invited:
New Year’s Eve VR Live Stream

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Mobs behave nothing like flocks of birds as this article would like you to believe. Even the author had to admit it at the end of the article.

is the result of birds blindly following a few simple without any , obvious , or "higher" , much like in 's "".

On the other side, there is nothing "spontaneous" in mobs. You can always identify the lead instigator, the target and it is pretty obvious what they want.


I see lots of posts and articles from people listing all the bad things they were able to "convince" 's to do for them as "proof" of how and models can be harmfully biased, so I thought will ask why is that.

The answer is, as expected, "garbage in - garbage out".

It is not the tool's fault the people using it are deliberately biased and misleading and most of them provide as "proof" only the screenshots of the answer, without bothering to also supply the questions they asked that led to such an answer.

These are my questions and the answers from :

Just finished my first conversation with 's and I must say I'm impressed.
Here is an example (the best of 3 attempts):

Found this interesting chapter from a (quite expensive) book. Not sure why the authors differentiate between and concepts, but nonetheless a very interesting discussion.
The "Virtuous Continuum of Responses" in Fig. 2 has two apparent aspects:
1️⃣ Commitment to following the or to
2️⃣ Commitment to or to a
I find it intriguing that by looking at it this way it seems like a religious individual may become but never . A truly individual has to be prepared to oppose the of the land (both secular and religious) if it endangers "long-term value creation and the duties owed to all stakeholders".

I vividly recall my first HP Pocket Calculator with Reverse Polish Notation I had during my undergraduate studies:


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