I was updating my Bio and realized I've never had a proper . So here it is:

Retired professional and coach with years of experience in the and domains.

WRT to , I'm primarily interested in the and of . My attitude towards is opportunistic (will use whatever works best for the occasion) and I consider a necessary evil to get things done properly.

My experience with technology starts in the late 70's on a room-sized IBM machine and programs on punch-cards, transitioned to the HPL on an HP 9825A "fully algebraic desktop calculator" and ended abruptly with the "peeking" and "poking" on a ZX81.

Even if I was reasonably good at it, after getting my first DOS/Windows PC to play with on something called the , I fell in love with things like , , and new ideas, that could be done much better and faster with this new gadget, and soon decided that being a , doing the and while dealing with other to define and is much more fun than the actual of the product itself.

I'm very glad I found this where we can "Question Others to Teach Ourselves". Please feel free to ask questions and argue with my views. Be sure I'll be doing the same. Nothing is sacred. There are no stupid questions, just BS answers.

Stay safe and be nice to other people.


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