“Evolutionary psychology” is largely a pseudscience.

It’s clearly statistics with p-value:
1:1 => p=0.3173105188
2:1 => p=0.0455001240
3:1 => p=0.0026999344
4:1 => p=0.0000633721
5:1 => p=0.0000005742

But the problem is elsewhere. In experimental social science “effect size” and “sampling error” are artifacts of method, when data rarely meet the assumptions.

Triangulation is IMHO better idea than efforts to lower p-values: nature.com/articles/d41586-018

A map of the approximate situation on the ground in Ukraine as of 00:00 UTC 02/02/23.

🇷🇺 have advanced and taken control of the last remaining areas of the city's eastern industrial zone.

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@atomicpoet @martinvermeer
Maybe, you would like something like graphene OS or LineageOS, which are non-google Android distros.

Non-profit journals as a solution to open science?

Publishers charge researchers incredible amounts to remove paywalls from their own papers...and make unbelievable profits from doing so. Several have an >30% profit margin.

Initiatives such as @PeerCommunityIn provide an alternative: open access, non-profit journals that are free to publish in.

#OpenScience #Science #AcademicChatter @academicchatter
Graph (2013): @alexh alexholcombe.wordpress.com/201

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Also, isn’t Apple using Darwin, which is UNIX(like) Kernel?

I have a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence and I just needed 7(!) tries to spell the word "Artificial" correctly. I guess I'm more tired than I'm willing to admit to myself.

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Yes, but:
1) there should be some robust system for identifying and archiving articles (in case of a blog-site shutdown, or similar);
2) In my opinion, the peer-review system is ineffective and biased, however, I think that without it, process would be much more (status) biased and vulnerable to fraud, corruption, conflict of interests and so on.


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:nkoWave: Hello and a good meowing everyone! :cat_hug_triangle: Have a most wonderful day and have fun :blobhappy: ❤️ :blobcathug:

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I’m disgusted with the manipulation of the authors of this graph.
They are comparing the mean to the median, of, even not every worker, but some part of them, “traditional blue collars”
which decrease since 70’…
More than half of this “disconnection” is clearly a lie, the second part is about growing inequality. Which is catastrophically bad, but we do not have to lie to show or prove that.

#PsychologicalScience (the journal) after the replication crisis.
A z-curve analysis
The % of significant (p < .05, z > 2) results has not changed much (ODR = 75% vs. 71). However, the actual power to get these results has increased a lot (EDR = 21% vs. 68%). As a result, the false discovery risk has decreased from 20% to 2%.
Look out for the 2023 replicability rankings coming soon.

#France paid €31 million for article processing charges (#APCs) in 2020, about 3x what it paid in 2013. It predicts it will pay between €50m and €68m for APCs in 2030.

In addition, it paid €87.5m for #subscriptions in 2020 and predicts it could pay €97.5m in 2030.

@BorisBarbour @david_colquhoun of course conclusions will be similar, but not the same, and this is one case. It will be almost impossible to explain if you don't know what methodological falsificationism or severe testing is. Reading my textbook would teach you about these things - this is a good starting point. lakens.github.io/statistical_i

If you are true, it is a story of how the hierarchy and "status bias" corrupt science.

Dear #Americans of #Mastodon, you have a wonderful opportunity that is rarely granted to you. For the first time, you're in an online public space that is not American, that is not centered around the US, and as I'm typing this, a place where the majority of users are not Americans. You can open yourselves to the world as you've rarely been able to before.

So please, stop expressing yourselves like the US is the default country here and that most users are Americans. We're not. Love.

antisemitism, fediverse, rant 

A Jewish politician comes onto the fediverse- and what is he welcomed with?

A comment about how he doesn't deserve to be boosted.

A comment about Israel despite him not mentioning Israel.

This is why Jews don't feel safe on the general Fediverse folks. This right here.

It's why I felt so compelled that I made an instance for Jews where this isn't allowed.


So many of you cared enough to migrate from Twitter to Mastodon.

Now I'm going to encourage you to go further:

1. Migrate from Instagram to Pixelfed
2. Migrate from WhatsApp to The Matrix.
3. Migrate from Facebook to Friendica

Do to Mark Zuckerberg what you already did to Elon Musk.

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