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My quick notes about the process of today's test published earlier: 5 steps, 3 layers, predictible and reproducible. I'll explore more with it, I like this simplicity.

full resolution of the artwork, btw: davidrevoy.com/article775/grow


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Albert #Uderzo left us today... "Astérix" was certainly the first comic I read and his generous curved drawing style had a big impact on my way to draw. Rest in peace.

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Hey Internet, it's time to get the latest #decentralization news from This Week in Matrix! P2P and Dendrite progress, SO MUCH client-related news and more! matrix.org/blog/2020/03/13/thi #twim #matrix

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Anche Treccani parla di #SciHub, l'archivio "pirata" di tutta la ricerca moderna.

Frutto del lavoro indefesso di una donna da sola contro tutti, è un monumento al cosiddetto guerrilla #openaccess e protesta contro il #copyright moderno.
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Giunti a questo punto, insomma, bisognerebbe chiedersi che cosa stiano assaltando davvero questi pirati contemporanei: i diritti d'autore o un sistema culturale …

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Le #videoconferenze #Jitsi diventano sempre più facili: capacità incrementata di 150 volte sull'istanza ufficiale, per non parlare delle altre.

Grazie per l'attenzione all'Italia sotto il #coronavirus #covid19.
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Well, that didn’t cut it, so running with 50x the resources now. 500+ Jitsi Videobridges at your service Italy! All systems green! 🚀🚀🚀 twitter.com/jitsinews/status/1

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The engineer that we work with created a very nice Ansible script that provisions our laptops with Linux Mint by PXE boot. I'm testing the first one, hopefully I'll get all of them deployed by the end of today so that people can work from home. #Covid19


Some years ago I was involved in the rewrite of the GUI (an entrepreneur paid a KDE dev to work on the whole stack) and at the time everything worked well. Now I can't test the calibration.

About my setup I have a Lenovo Yoga 720 13'' with integrated Wacom tablet and an Intel 620 GPU.

In my experience Nvidia can be really really problematic so I only use Intel now...

Anyway thanks for your efforts in improving the situation on Linux/Plasma


For color profiles management you may want to try colord-kde (sudo apt install colord-kde, tested on KDE Neon/Ubuntu 18.04)

Too bad Wacom & Co don't support Wayland at all, Plasma Wayland is so smooth that makes X11 session looks from '90 😔

@hil @sproid @davidrevoy

Note that for the Wacom KCM (module for System Settings) you may need an additional package depending on the distro and that not every distro packages it

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New article on my blog: Kubuntu Linux 19.10 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide: davidrevoy.com/article761/
#kubuntu #krita #linux #install #guide


Semantics, endogenous money is a matter of semantics now, OK.

At least say "I have no idea of what you are talking about".

You must understand that you irritated me with tons of messages with rethoric about majority of economists and when I forced you to discuss the matter then it turns out yours are arguments by common people that are not even accepted by the economists you like so much.

Excuse me if I feel fooled by you. But I understand that at some point it is difficult for your ego to step back and say "I shouldn't have criticized what I don't know".


You are the one saying "printing money". Nobody says "printing" but issuing. Come on...

And MMT is the only theory I know that makes a strong distinction between credit and money... see Mitchell's explanation on 2008 crisis, it's based on that.


You tell me I don't understand MMT, me, explaining it in Italy since 2011 😂

@freemo "credit" is not a technical term? Mate let's face reality: you know nothing about the monetary system and you are improvising replies.

Mainstream economists have way better arguments than you, instead you are just repeating clichés you heard somewhere like common people do.

I feel like I wasted my time, see you for discussions were possible, here you are too far behind, with respect.

@freemo see my last reply on issuing money and no, MMT doesn't claim we don't need taxes, instead it says we have them for 3 reasons:

1. Enstablish a monopoly, otherwise other private currencies would appear, by creating a demand for credits in national currency
2. Control inflation by acting on domestic demand
3. Redistribute wealth and ensure economic power won't overwhelm political power (i.e. from democracy to capitalism)

Mainstream economists will tell you that taxes finance public spending but it's the opposite: public spending finances taxes on the first place and the amount left in the economy powers our exchanges. This explain why public deficits are physiological.

Otherwise explain me how a State built from scratch can work without spending before and then asking back a minor amount of money as taxes: in this State there is no money how can you get it with taxes? You have to introduced it before, no? And how do you do it without public spending? And if you spend 100 and get 100 with taxes what will you use then?

Ha and this is not MMT. All the economists in the world would agree on this. What economists disagree with is how much deficit we should do. MMT just says: start by guarantee a job to everyone and adjust taxation to control the inflation, then if you want calculate the deficit, that was the amount needed. That's all.

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