At my house for the Winter Solstice Festival (in Chinese: 冬至 Dōngzhì), we enjoyed hotpot. Very spicy hotpot!

I know my Fiat 500e is small, but every now and then I walk out of a Waffle House and see a stark reminder.

This is not a commercial for Dave’s Hot Chicken! I have been enjoying their sandwiches and decor, is all.

Picking up tacos at Rusty Taco, there are signs about tacos, natch. The t-shirts worn by employees carry a restaurant slogan: “God. Country. Tacos.” I’m not entirely sure how they square those priorities with repurposing Joshua 24:15 into Salsa 24:7, which seems mildly sacrilegious to me, but the tacos are good.

Apparently the things I’ve considered worth photographing and also sharing in the last couple of days have all been food related. I’ve also taken other pics, but they have people in them and are not for sharing with the world at large.

I know very little about flowers, but these remind me of flowers from growing up in San Diego. However, I took these pics today in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the airport early for a flight to New Zealand, enjoying the semi-public art.

A family favorite restaurant, roughly translates to Old River Lake Grill.


I’m pwinn, rhymes with Quinn.

I’m into . I’m a professional nerd, currently paid to write , an upgrade from . I’m also an avocational nerd, mostly writing on my own time.

I’ve written a . It’s cheap! Tillie Madison vs Reality is a novel. I love , and read more than two per week on average. I include and in that, but not individual issues of or .

I collect things, mostly but not exclusively electronically. To that end, I have a coouple of NAS units. The newest one is a 95-terabyte , while the older one is a 28-terabyte with a 32-terabyte Drobo attached. One of them runs , but not for public consumption. I’m not a . I’m not! I can quit anytime!

I enjoy , including tabletop RPGs () like . I like jigsaw too. I’m going to reward myself for posting this by starting one of my new 2000-piece Ravensburgers.

I realized recently that I watch more and than I do American , but that comes and goes.

Other things about me: I live in , I’m , I’m a , I’m a , I lean far politically on most things, I like , I really like , and I’ve been playing with both and lately.

I’m sure I’ve left out something important, but I don’t see any rule that I can’t have more than one , so I’m not bothered.

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