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Yo ,
If you are looking for chitchat, at times useless trivia, and updates on our work in the field of for inertial sensing: this is where it's at!

Did you know that humankind will likely never laser cool potassium worth the amount in a single 🍌?

Context: this is the hull of MAIUS-A, the infamous payload of MAIUS-1 which led to the first Bose-Einstein condensate in space

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If you squint your eyes this frequency comb is half integrated into the MAIUS-A payload

In other news, I think I have filled 5GB of RAM with an infinite appointment and can't use anymore

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I need you to cancel *all* other appointments, we're gonna have to talk about

Kennt ihr schon den #OCRbot 🤖 für die #Texterkennung 🖹 von Grafiken im #Fediverse?

Diese funktioniert bei eigenen Beiträgen mit angehängten Grafiken, aber auch, um Grafiken von anderen in Text umzuwandeln.

Dazu den Account erwähnen (im Beitrag oder als Antwort):

@OCRbot deu

Das zusätzliche Leerzeichen, gefolgt von „deu“ weist an, Deutsch 🇩🇪 zu erkennen. „deutsch“ oder „german“ gehen auch. Ohne Zusatz bleibt's bei 🇬🇧.

Kurz nach meinem Beitrag dürfte der Bot anspringen und hierauf antworten. 💡

About a year ago, with the help of , I partially answered that question by becoming an . Misspelling the name of the Director General Dr. Aschbacher absolutely did not do the trick.

Congrats to all new candidates of astronaut class of 2022 who will be officially announced today 👌👌👌!

Quantum mechanics interpretations explained with a single emoji:
🤷‍♂️ Copenhagen
🧙‍♂️ Pilot wave
📊 QBism
🎲 Spontaneous collapse
🧶 Consistent histories
🧐 Relational QM
#physics #quantum #quantumfoundations #qbism #ManyWorlds #science

An object is said to be "chiral" if you can't superimpose it with its mirror image (e.g. your hands).
Chiral molecules can have completely different chemical properties from their mirror image, but they also have different optical properties (which helps to detect them). In particular they react very differently to a circularly polarized wave. We can get some intuition on why that happens using a "balls and springs" toy model (Born-Kuhn model).
#Chirality #Optics #Visualization

I've definitely used and still use this technique as a first pass on data to see if it's looking like we have something interesting going on. Works better now laptop screens are visible from wider angles.

Another here for all the happy people. I usually get paid for making matter waves work so here's how matter waves work

🧵 1/6

@physicssteve maybe it's a subtle insult, akin to Pauli's "it's not even wrong!" 😀

When I look at this: why was there only one apple hanging on that d*mn tree? 🤔

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How can a Bohr atom picture be so wrong and so nice to draw at the same time 😬

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