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Yo ,
If you are looking for chitchat, at times useless trivia, and updates on our work in the field of for inertial sensing: this is where it's at!

Did you know that humankind will likely never laser cool potassium worth the amount in a single 🍌?

I can tell you one thing: the absorption of a high power 1960nm laser in water allows one to perform crazy fun experiments
(really glad we took the time before decommissioning the last thulium doped fiber laser).
More details and slow motion imagery soon.

Are you a MSc-level student and interested in the field of Quantum Tech? Apply now for the 1st Summer School @UniHannover on Quantum States of Matter: Fundamental Physics and Applications!


Poster 📄:

The institute's chcolate dealer
is leaving. He served 500kg chcolate to us, amounting to 87kg unsaturated fat and 11 GJ energy (=released by fission of 1/7 gram of U-235, which if consumed probably is worse than the wieght gain through chocolate)

If you happen to be at , don't miss @iamVishu_G's poster EGU23-13152 this afternoon!

This is after some heavy-duty quantum engineering going on yesterday. The VLBAI facility is finally completed and will toss around ultracold rubidium soon!

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Atom interferometetric Sensing of Earth's Spheres workshop at Queen's college 🧐

13 years ago I bought a notebook during ICAP in Australia. Haven't regularly used it but recently reactivated it. What better occasion could there have been than filling the last pages with notes from Mark Kasevich's colloquium. What an honor to present to him!

Terrestrial Very Long Baseline Atom Interferometry workshop at CERN, including a view of Mont Blanc during lunch.

Today, I will opt out of any email communication. Yet another email asking to peer review work that's clearly out of my expertise was the drop that filled the bucket.

Not to speak about the perpetuum mobile giving you vouchers for publishing your own work after you have reviewed something.

Not to speak about the insane amount of "special issues", one of which I was recently asked to co-edit while there's an ongoing one on exactly the same topic edited by a colleague.

No more words needed when you see the attached figure which I shamelessly stole from this fantastic article recommended by a friend.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying there's nothing wrong re: publishing culture in science in general but is really pushing it here

SciComm thread on the XBB.1.5 variant 1/ 

Here's a thread on XBB.1.5, the SARS-CoV-2 variant shown to be rapidly increasing in the latest CDC data release

(this is an English version of a thread I posted on the bird site)


There are a lot of reasons to take cold atoms into space and space-borne experiments have a long fuse. Here's our community's roadmap drafting the path for the next 25 years.


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