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Yo ,
If you are looking for chitchat, at times useless trivia, and updates on our work in the field of for inertial sensing: this is where it's at!

Did you know that humankind will likely never laser cool potassium worth the amount in a single 🍌?

Our friends @TUdarmstadt and @uulm develop a new quantum field theory
for atoms, which could improve high precision clocks and matter-wave
interferometers, paving the way for novel fundamental-physics tests

Time-averaged potentials have become a real work horse in the group. Besides fundamental work on building the rubidium source for the 10 m VLBAI facility, Doro @ditsch42 has shed light on a lot of unexpected challenges when it comes to painted potentials.

Our recipe towards sub-100pK energies w/o the need for microgravity is now published in @CommsPhys

I succesfully defended my PhD thesis today!
I was overwhelmed to have so many of my colleagues join the celebrations!
On the picture you can see the doctoral hat (with an actual crossed laser setup!), the beam picture I had to paint in the games my colleagues prepared, and the fancy sash my boyfriend @NicoNucu made for me ("We need more women in science!").

I also had the honour to hammer my name into the support structure of our experiment: @quantumsensing

Using double Bragg diffraction we run up to 9 strongly correlated atom interferometers and extract multiple quantities from linear combinations

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Allow me to self-advertise this one because I'm pretty excited about it: when trying to do something much different we accidentally found out that sensing with scalable BEC arrays is a lot of fun 😎

Incredibly proud of the team @VLBAI_Hannover for having demonstrated the first mini launch in the 10m facility 💪💪💪

10m baseline with a UHV line of sight onto the seismic attenuation system 😍

It's been a bit of a long ride so can I maybe interest you in some atom source technology for quantum inertial sensors?
Alex Herbst's work on high flux K-39 is now in PRR

Quick reminder to self that about all the things in the US, I do never miss the 11USD a pint prices

Photonics West anyone?

When a PI simulates something after what felt like years (instead of doing admin BS)

I love this kind of research. It's so easy to talk about doubly-magic nuclei reading from standard text books in Physics IV - look at the grind necessary to understand that's not where it's at!

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