Hi All, it's been a couple of days since I have Mastodon, but I haven't introduced myself. I'm from Tamilnadu, India and I'm and IT professional. My interests are astro physics, food, superbikes, nature and animals. I'm trying out veganism for the past 10 days and I feel good that I'm not hurting any animals. I am having a good time on Mastodon. Hope to engage with more people here

@raining_night Nicely done. 😄

Welcome. Do we call you Raining Night, or maybe RN for short?

I am using the same handle I did on birdsite, but kind of regret not taking advantage of a short nick that can be easily grabbed here.

Might help when people want to post and include you with an @ sign.

@design_RG ah.. hadn't thought about that. Yes, a shorter handle would've been convenient for others while mentioning me. Is there a possibility in Mastodon to change the handle like the birdsite?

Yes you can call me RN 😃

@raining_night Ok, will do, maybe add the RN in your profile where it says Name (mine shows Rob G.).

Regarding changing the user handle, I don't know - and it's a good question. Would be useful if possible.

We could ask the boss, @freemo


Not really but you can create a new account and migrate. It will forward users to your new account



They would have to re-follow you, but people you follow you can import.

I am told in v3.0, which we upgrade to soon hopefully, you can even take your followers with you, I havent confirmed this though.


@freemo @raining_night Oooh... Upgrada, nice.

But are we going to have that new Tilled Feed view? I find that confusing. Like the one on MS itself, already at v.3.01

@freemo @design_RG i migrated from to and lost all my followers on the process 😬

@raining_night @freemo I am glad you found Qoto and moved here, MS is too large and too general to be interesting, and diffcult to manage properly.

Losing the followers is a pain; there seemed to be some "moved" option you could enable, and it will keep the old profile and all the data still there, but people will need to re-follow I think.

Good work on adding the RN, it will make it easier to refer to you. :thumbsup_hmn_g1:

I'm not able to see these options in the Account settings of web interface. Are these placed somewhere else?


@raining_night @freemo Is that screenshot from MS site? They are running a newer version of Mastodon there.

We have a Migration page here:

Very minimal, just a new username and instance pointer required, no options.

Yes, it is a screenshot from

Ok, but still 2 options are missing here - "Move from a different account" and "Delete account"

"Move from a different account" option is important to enable migrants to migrate to Qoto from other instances seamlessly(correct me if I'm wrong)


@raining_night @freemo Yeah, I think that is what's different on version 3 (other than the delete account, not important on this context).

We don't have that "Move From" on Qoto atm.

@Gomario yes, they censor hate speech, which I think is the right thing to do.

@freemo @design_RG

To be fair M.S goes way beyond just censoring hate speech. Generally they will censor rather liberally and do t limit it to just violations of their rules. Ive seen ton a of people unfairly censored over there. Its the whole reason i started my own server.
@Gomario @design_RG

@freemo @Gomario @design_RG ok, i was not aware of this as I was on MS only for a couple of days. Also, I liked their move where they banned casetist toots. And I also saw some hindu fundamentalists complaining MS is unfair(these guys had a free reign in Twitter and always used hate speech in their tweets). So, I thought MS was doing something right..

@raining_night @freemo @Gomario @design_RG I think that some people do not realize that stuff isn't tolerated here. Having admins for every server IMO is a good thing. It brings the mods closer to the users


Well they do have a clear liberal leaning. They also, as a result, tend to get most of the extremists exclusive to the right. The problem is that they are usually so quick to ban that a lot of people get banned who dot deserve it. This does include some respectful people who hold right wing opinions but it also tends to extend to anyone even accused of having right wing ideologies, even if it isnt true.

It also often winds up that the target's psts or ideas werent political at all sadly.

@Gomario @design_RG

@freemo @raining_night @Gomario I think the size of MS is too large, way to big for the current way things are done in the fediverse. They are over 400 thousand users!

Maybe they allowed it to see how to handle such a size and crowd, which could happen in the future if the fediverse becomes more popular.

But I imagine it must be very confusing for new users, with so many fish in the pond and the mods trying to keep order like the UK parliament Speaker with the 600 MPs around him. 😃

Better to have smaller sized instances, with themes and attracting like minded, similar interested users. Easier to set the tone and maintain a civil atmosphere in that case too.

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