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John wick chapter 3 - good action movie. Nice fight sequences. Recommended 👍

Suppose you come across a genie who gives you a boon that you can explore any one celestial object(only one) and without dying - which object would you choose to explore?

I would love to explore a neutron star 🌟

I have heard that 1 spoon of neutron star contains the mass of mount Everest 😱

@dayvancowboy @raining_night
I think those devices are very risky, considering who is selling them and their geo location and legal jurisdiction. Plus the character of the federal administration.

No thanks for me. But any mobile device could be spying on you as well, unless you removed the battery completely (why would manufacturer's have removed this option on newer models, eh?) or place them inside a shielded room (cutting off radio all together).

Don't just teach your students to read.
• Teach them to question what they read, what they study.
• Teach them to doubt.
• Teach them to think.
• Teach them to make mistakes and learn from them.
• Teach them how to understand something.
• Teach them how to teach others.


What do you guys think about alexa and google home? These devices constantly upload all private conversations happening between families, to their server, which their employees have access to. I'm really worried about privacy and security of those families, but they don't seem to worry much. (I understand that most of the mobile devices can be turned into spying devices by US govt, but still this is scary).

I long for the day where mothers spend more time with their baby girls (and boys) reading books and teaching them about the stars than they do taking pictures of their kids in cute outfits...

Sadly things seem to be going in the opposite direction.

Theconcept of Hijab exists in all religion worldwide (Christian woman , Hindu, Jewess,etc).

Justice Ranjan Gogoi’s tenure as head of India’s judiciary, which officially ends on November 17, has left several issues about the institutional credibility of the Supreme Court unresolved.

Are you Pakistani? Are you a terrorist? The questions Muslim children face at school

Stereotypes about the Muslim community have entered into classrooms and playgrounds, seeping in from the polarising rhetoric prevailing in the larger world of politics, society, mass media and social media

Magazine | Pakistani or terrorist? The questions Muslim children face at school:

How to find which platform a user is on (Mastodon, pleroma, etc)? Is there any way to find this?

Also, for some users the instance is not being displayed after their Mastodon handle. Initially i thought perhaps those users are in the same instance as me. But that doesn't seem to be the case. I don't have an example at the moment. Is it possible to find which instance a user is on, if the instance is not displayed on their handle?

@freemo tagging you as you might know this.

@freemo @design_RG how are you guys able to post "more than 500 chars" toots? Are you guys on pleroma?

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