Is there a way to count how many toots reached your home timeline in a day?
Maybe a weekly graph with the number of toots received each day?

@rastinza I don't know of anything that does this natively but it should be easy enough to script with the tools.

Basic idea:
1. Set your counter to zero.
2. Call timeline() to load your home timeline.
3. Check if any timestamps predate your cutoff.
4a. If so, count how many posts do not predate the cutoff, add that to your counter, and return the counter.
4b. If not, add the full number of posts to your counter, set your maximum ID to the minimum you got this time, and return to step 2.

Thanks! I was able to create this.
I was now thinking wether it could be useful to create a webservice to make this accessible to people.
You'd get a webpage with a graph to see how much stuff you've seen every day.

I guess it would be difficult to handle the logins however

Apparently there's a limit to the number of toots you can retrieve from the home timeline.
I'm unable to go back more than 6 days, since the server won't return anything.
Do you know of any way to get around this limitation?

@rastinza I guess you might be running into rate limiting - I'm not aware of any reason why it should cut you off at that point specifically. Later today I will check and see if I can reproduce what you are seeing.

@khird No, takes care of the rate limit.
Moreover it always stops at the same point.

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