Guys let's just settle this sex v gender debate once and for all:


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@realcaseyrollins If you are refusing to use a persons pronouns because you suspect or even know something about their genitals and think you have a right to use that to invalidate their gender, then yea, that would make you a bigot. You are showing intolerance by doing so. IT is a demonstrating of intolerance regarding a persons choices, the hallmark of bigotry.

@realcaseyrollins I get done checking my notifications in the morning just to see that you've started it all up again.
@freemo "The hallmark of bigotry" would make a good slogan for an offensive greeting card company.
@freemo I'm actually starting to think this is a good idea. Is the Hallmark corp. too well associated with cards to use 'hallmark' in a trademarked slogan of a new card company though? Would they try to sue me?
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