I don’t smoke, and do not understand why anyone would want to, but this seems like huge government over-reach in New Zealand. If an adult wants to spend their money damaging their lungs why shouldn’t they be able to? If it causes a high burden on socialised healthcare then tax the hell out of it, but there’s no need for the government to tell people what they can or can’t do

Whenever i see “smoking”.
It always remind me of this dialogue from house md tv series.

House: ”OK, yeah. I’d like to clear my reputation.”
Wilson: ”Oh, right. I forgot how much you care about what people think. Prescribing cigarettes for inflammatory bowel? That uh … they can cause cancer, you know.”
House: ”Do you know why they have ribbons for breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, but not for lung cancer?”
Wilson: ”They … ran out of colors?”
House: ”It’s because people blame lung cancer patients. They smoked, they screwed up, they deserve to die. The reason people die from lung cancer is guilt.”
Wilson: ”Huh. Well, guilt does a lot of damage.”
House: ”You said that with great significance.”
Wilson: ”You’re not here to find your stethoscope. You’re not here to clear your reputation. You’re here because you’re having doubts. You might have screwed up.”
House: ”I’m here because if I’m right, Cuddy is killing that patient.”
Wilson: ”OK. But if you’re wrong?”
House: ”Then she’s saving her.”

As a former in smoker, I can say that although I would have preferred other methods- smoking was the most convenient way for me to deal with stress. I usually smoked on work breaks or while drinking. It helped take the edge off things and acted as a crutch for me to cope with things. I would recommend against it if possible- I only resorted to it because other immediate options were unsatisfactory for me at the time.

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