Why is water always sold in plastic bottles and not in a can? Would be so much better for the environment…

@rlamacraft Ideally we would all have big glass containers that we could fill up at nearby water sources, removing the need of disposable bottles.

@pleiades well… yeah, but that’s just wishful thinking unfortunately

@rlamacraft public clean water here. Have not bought water in a decade.

@rlamacraft I dunno, I reuse my plastic water bottles. Kinda hard to do with a can.

@trinsec most people don’t though, and cans are super easy to recycle

@rlamacraft Solution is to have a 'statiegeld' on those smaller plastic bottles as well.. Err what do you call them.. recycle bonus? They're planning to do that here. So far only bottles of 1 liter and above have that.

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