I'm curious if this is some common writing system that I'm unfamiliar with. Anyone recognizes it? (A person from my city's road construction office signs announcements like this.)

I realized today that this is a good alternate way of looking at what voltage dividers hanging off a power rail do: they are like a voltage source of the expected voltage with an internal resistance equivalent to a parallel connection of the divider's resistors.

I wonder how much time will pass until I get the rest of the setup for problem 17 from iypt.org/problems/problems-iyp

And there's one more eruption near Grindavik (this time closer to the town).

Source of the image: en.vedur.is/media/uncategorize


My parents have a garden ornament that contains a "vertical spiral thingy" that can freely[^] rotate. When wine blows, it sometimes rotates clockwise and sometimes counterclockwise. What gives? When it has rotated by 180 deg it should be in the same position as if the wind was blowing in the opposite direction (the cage around it nonwithstanding), so I'd expect it to always rotate in the same direction, or to oscillate.

Some videos: photos.app.goo.gl/CQWvBBggW4jX

[^] there might be some weird hysteresis there, because it's basically a wire that slips in a hole

Manual plotter for drawing clothing patterns (string with distance graduations, passed through holes in fixed LEGO bricks).


Surprisingly (for general competence level of authorities in managing typical situations) nonsensical traffic sign combination.

When you don't realize that you've bought disks with quite high vibrations at seek time:

(The doohickeys are from thingiverse.com/thing:1774380. All in all works surprisingly well; apparently ~all the audible seek noise was coming via the case due to impedance matching.)

Why is the link to the home instance of a user so hidden on ?

Outer Wilds spoilers 

Also, the UI gets screwy (see video).


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Riddle: what is this a recording of? (The amplitude was ~2mT, and the direction in space was consistent over the period of recording.)

So, apparently not all dessicants are safeish to eat: CaO is apparently used as a dessicant (the reason it's not safe to eat is that it generated a surprisingly large amount of heat when reacting with water).

I'm curious why are dessicants from lime preferred (ever). The pictured bag is from a package of seaweed, which makes me doubly surprised: one might e.g. not notice that the dessicant bag has ruptured.

I would really like for more of my devices to come with this kind of documentation.

This in particular is a multimeter that belongs to my father; it was produced sometime in the late 80s in the Soviet block.


Qoto's web UI stopped working for me. Attached screenshot is all I get, the stacktrace the error message gives me (hooray for JS minimization /s) can be found at pastebin.com/XGFmNtUN. My browser is Firefox 92.0.1 on Linux.

@freemo MathJax issue: qoto.org/web/statuses/10712210 renders as lots of whitespace and broken text in 3 column view for me. Screenshot attached.

When I look at the DOM, I see lots of spans with font size of 800%~900%.

How do shops end up with such anti-discounts for volume orders? I don't expect this is intended, so why isn't a sanity check against such cases a common thing?

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