Cursed language fact 


From the box of weird combinations, albeit within a single language:

A porcupine in Polish is called "jeżozwierz". "Jeż" means hedgedog, "zwierz" means animal (with slight hint of "beast").

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In stores that are like that there's usually a gate that opens upon a receipt being scanned. Obviously you can jump over it or force it open.

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An interesting similar (but different in likely significant ways!) situation is a browser with an adblocker that omits any reference to the adblocker in its identification.


The way I understood that saying is similar to Peter principle: it's harder to determine whether someone's teaching well (or, it's socially harder to accept that that's not the case) so we end up with people "failing upward" into teaching. Do people actually treat it seriously?

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If they are actually orbiting, then the thing will surely fall apart by length 4, and length 3 intuitively feels like something that should also fall apart.

That said, I'm somewhat surprised by the orbiting here: this is not an 1/r potential nor r^2 one (I'm not sure it's even a potential parameterized by their positions), so they ~won't have closed orbits. I guess they can just orbit over something that is not closed, just constant-{energy, angular momentum}. But, if they do, they will be twirling dipoles, so they will be losing energy to radiation. So, they can be only orbiting by being in an energy eigenstate that corresponds to an orbit. I can't imagine what kind of degeneration that has, given the nonclosed orbits. (Also, given the distance, I'd expect such orbiting not to last because interference from other atoms around is likely strong enough compared to spacing of energy eigenvalues there.)

Today in cursed units: MeV*cm^2/mg (so, GeV/cm in water but very easy to confuse with MeV/cm in water).

@mms Including on zoomable e.g. maps and on numeric input fields?

@koteisaev I seem to be out of the loop. What request are you referring to?


They are excellent for scripts that want to create commits: if you create a new worktree at the beginning, do your stuff there, and destroy it at the end, the script doesn't need to figure out if the standard worktree is dirty and for sure won't have its behaviour affected by ignored files.


Where do the changes come from? If that makes it possible for concurrent changes to affect same file, how do you want the system to behave then?

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Lymphatic flow in arms seems weird: the stain from failed venipuncture in the crook of my elbow appeared distal, nearly entirely on my forearm.


Hm~ it's an interesting question how much willingness to go against fear gradients (regardless of the source of the fear) gets adjusted as opposed to a fear-specific knob being adjusted. (I would bet a lot on both getting adjusted, but the IMO interesting thing is by how much.)


My (late lamented) cat would love sitting in front of an inkjet printer when it was printing. I guess he liked the suspense when the page would suddenly advance.


Poza tym, że z tego energii nie wyciągniesz, co inni już napisali, dość szybko trafisz w inny problem: jeśli twoje antykaloryfery będą schłodzone poniżej temperatury rosy, to zacznie z nich kapać woda wykroplona z powietrza. Musisz wtedy albo niezależnie osuszać powietrze, albo tę wodę odprowadzać.

Takie systemy istnieją (u mnie w pracy jest takowy) i mają te problemy: u nas owe "chłodzacze" (notabene umieszczone pod sufitem) nigdy nie są chłodzone poniżej temperatury rosy, co ogranicza możliwy odbiór ciepła.


Jeśli dobrze pamiętam, to osmandowe aktualizacje map mają jakiś dzień opóźnienia (i.e. te które możesz teraz ściągnąć są z ~wczoraj). Poza tym, czy zaktualizowałeś je ostatnio?


Hmm.. I'm confused, it doesn't seem to happen for me:

Am I doing something significantly different?

@rogatywieszcz Czym jest openmaps?

Jeśli znajdziesz tę ulicę na to (używając guzika "query features") możesz popatrzeć na jej historię -- może została właśnie dodana, albo właśnie usunięta?

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