We’re back! Join us on September 22, 2022 at the Swiss Python Summit 2022.

This is going to be the final edition. And because we've been there and done that when it comes to sponsors, pitches, and e-mail campaigns, we'll do this one without any of those.


@igordrumond@ursal.zone Caramba :( Meus pesames!

Well shit... self-test came back positive. Going to get a PCR test later today.

@mhamzahkhan @freemo I actually changed the config on my pihole to resolve using Google as well because I had issues resolving qoto.org with Quad9

I just heard a number I did not know, there are more than 2 million stone blocks on the Great Pyramid. Somehow they didn't mention this when I visited the place.

And it was built in 27 years.

This means almost 10 blocks per hour, and an average of 2500kg per block.

Mind boggling.

If you're building terminal programs, remember that curses does not work well at all with screen readers and braille terminals. Have a plain print-and-type mode if that's possible.

What is your policy towards archiving emails? More like data-hoarding or storage frugal? Do you keep everything around or trash it all?

Watching Midnight Mass and I like it very much.

@ViniCarvalho Agora falta só o mais importante: abrir para todo o povo fazerem as devidas verificações.

Wait a second. Spotify podcasts has ads inserted in the middle of episodes? As a paying customer, this is ridiculous.

Watching Amanda Knox's interview on JRE. This is a tricky case.

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