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TBT to when the very idea of ONLY A SINGLE MAPLE LEAF on the canadian flag was a front page shocker. (found this newspaper from 1964 stuffed in our old chimney flue)

winni’s been on my lap most of the day — irritatingly, i get up to move around every hour or so, but then she’s back!

milestone reached: son rans busted through his first snare head (whiplash-style). luckily we live around the corner from a music shop, so we were able to walk over and grab another (more minimalist?) remo powerstroke between snow squalls

hoping maybe the snapped display base can be repaired with epoxy? if that’s not strong enough i guess someone in california still sells these bases for ~$200 (woof)

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going to see if i can get my dad’s old G4 cube + CRT studio display working. has a burned out power supply (he thinks) and one of the monitor’s stand supports is snapped.

eb even took the time to alphabetically sort the word library for this thing. having teens is great!

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aut made a cranberry orange “dutch baby” and it’s delicious

tried on some glasses at the antique market and found my new look!

buried my friend and former bandmate michael nicholson on thursday. he had cancer back when we recorded the salvation navy, and was clear of it a decade ago. but it came back with a vengeance.

died last friday at hospice in brantford. left behind a wife and 9 year old child. brutal stuff.

here’s some old photos with both of us! (he’s in the red toque, hugging me from behind in the first one)

helped @whateveryouart move a couch to his art studio in a snow squall today. not the heaviest nor the longest, but probably the biggest thing i’ve put in the kei truck so far!

took my son to a brantford bulldogs vs soo greyhounds hockey game, accidentally got standing room tickets. and actually, pretty great! might prefer it to actual seats!

i've been using a moonlander the last few months and have gotten pretty used to it. i actually do use multiple keys on both thumb clusters, but they *are* too far from the rest of the keyboard for me, so i adopted a weird layout w/ the keys shifted inwards ("b" on thumb cluster)

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the gang got on the train to toronto and hit the ROM today

this purple thing is the universal symbol for "i was dumb and upgraded to sonoma"

finally put the truck’s roof racks to work today toting wood for a ramp i (thought i) needed to load a cast iron stove i got at auction in dundas ($30 including chimney!)

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