This is spot on.

I remember when BJP first came to power. Times did a big cover: Modi means Business and put MMS as the underachiever. Sanghis at that time rejoiced and praised Times so much.

Fast forward to 2019, Times painted Modi as the divider in chief. Bhakts were furious. Called it a foreign propaganda.

Attaching the cover pics here too.



Mixed the morning run today. 500m run + 500m walk.

Often it feels good to shake things up.

Check out my activity on Strava:

Loving the so far. The UI is so clean and quite different from other Mastodon clients I have used.

But having one issue, none of the notifications are being shown. And when clicking on Push Notification, it is showing error. Is this a known issue?

@trunksapp @Decad3nce

Sync was for me. With Sync, my time is also up. Will miss several communities. r/Statistics helped me a lot getting the first job. There were so many other subreddits that were engaging and instrumental. Sad!

Weekend run done. But it didn't feel as good as the last two weekend runs.

I guess that's how it goes. Somedays are diamond, somedays are stones.

Also, I think it is time for the new shoes. More than 900kms in this one currently.

Check out my activity on Strava:


The trip went well! Proper meat feast!

Also, loved the fact how well connected the city is. And you can get cabs in 5 mins! Awesome!


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