Is there any #OpenSource #desktop application to manage equipments/parts catalog?

I want to find any equipment/parts fast enough. Please boost so that I can get more suggestions.

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Stop normalizing the grind and start normalizing whatever this is

Noticing a very common theme.
Whenever asked to explain the algo or the analysis, most of the people start the sentence with "basically". Specially if they have been asked by their Boss. Used to think only I use that word quite a lot.

Just hate the fact that almost all human desires can be explained by Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

@Solelytuned This is like brown household 101. And you can only chill in life after you get married, have kids, send them to college, and retire. Before that, it is irresponsible!

Cousin has given birth to a beautiful child and at the same time in my house this has led to the rebirth of "my lack of sense of responsibilities in life" coz in a brown household, being unmarried and happy is equal to being an irresponsible human. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

I've often wondered why open-source orgs like @mozilla @nextcloud #Canonical and others don't take a more active role in the fediverse. All of those orgs should not only be actively running #Mastodon accounts, but should also be posting content to #PeerTube and honestly even running their own instances of both. In the case of Mozilla, it would make a ton of sense for them to host both Mastodon and PeerTube instances as an open alternative to Google.

Thoughts on that?

@Solelytuned This is a common guilt among us (Indians)

Whenever we try to do something nice for ourselves, we feel this way.

Getting a job after a BE in Mech-Civil -Electrical in India is equivalent to getting likes in Bumble (for men). If you're in the top 1 percentile, there are ample opportunities. Outside that, there's nothing. Ironically, the first two fields are notoriously dominated by men, too.

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@NehaKhazanchi @mastodonindians

Did you have them bookmarked somewhere? Or you just googled them? 鈽狅笍

The United Federation of Instances project already has close to 40 overall contibutors, 13 Merge Requests, 16 topics being disussed, and closed to 50 overall comments on topics.... The is really taking off!

Coffee Poll 


If you decide to try it someday, do try the french vanilla or Hazelnut!

Also just remembered a story from your 'South Indians' claim. Once I came across a Tamil gentleman who pointed at the filter coffee I was having and told me it is not the 'original filter coffee'. The Chennai ones are the OG. Never have them though. :-)

What's the biggest #climatechange related worry you have very you live (city/town)? Personal worry. Not a humanity-level concern. #mastindia #climate

[Reposting this question since I moved servers, and received some very interesting responses earlier]

Coffee Poll 

@NehaKhazanchi @mastodonindians

I kinda love both of them.

Want to start grinding my own coffee soon but for now I just make instant coffee from Sleepy Owl for myself in the morning.

And been living in Bangalore for the last 8 months so filter coffee from roadside shops seem great too! Love them! Have 2-3 cups each day. :-)

Coffee Poll 

Had a really long discussion with a friend today about Indian Artisanal Coffee Startups, and I said "nothing beats a good old South Indian Filter Coffee". Which obviously lead to an even longer discussion.

So anyway, poll time, boost for reach.

PS - if you pick option 2, comment with your preferred brand and what method of filtration/preparation do you use?


@SwetaBioX Really want to do some assignments or analyse my own Strava data. But on weekends, I just don't feel like coding anymore! :/

Hello folks! What are your interesting independent research projects/side projects? Let's hear about them! Bonus points for links to webpages/codes!

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