Why is federated timeline not accessible from Tusky?!

#mancity ar still favourite for the final but people (specially the English media) act like #FCIM will be thrashed by them badly. That's not gonna happen, I think.

Let's see. It will be great fight inspite of the differences between the two teams.

#UCLfinal #fcinter #MCFC

We are more drawn to authenticity than excellence. And it is often refreshing and rewarding. My new post on that.


The world is often divided between doers and thinkers. In my new newsletter article, I talked about the doers. Featuring a stud doer Simone Inzaghi.


Be it lifting the right weights at the gym or taking the right route to the office. We either explore or exploit, in most cases. My new post on this explore-exploit dilemma.


I was missing a bit Twitter Analytics, but I found another free tool to get #metrics on your #Mastodon account! It’s called #Mastotools and it’s pretty easy to use.

Fast and simple and working on Mac too 😉


#Apple #Mastodon #Analytics #HomeBrew #HowTo #free

It has been more than a year (13 months to be precise) since I moved to Bangalore. I wrote about the city here in my new newsletter article.


I wrote about bookmarks, but not the ones that we use in our browser. These bookmarks are there in our daily life.

Bookmarks of bygone memories


How am I supposed to quit Twitter when an insufferable shitstain gets owned by a teenage climate activist so hard that he made a douchy reply video that led Romanian authorities to his location leading to his arrest on suspicion of human trafficking?

I have been working with Uber’s H3 geospatial library in R for some time now. In this blog post, I have shared some use cases which I have found helpful.


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