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First year of grad school versus the seventh year as an Associate Prof

This is like dinosaurs having their picture taken with an asteroid. #funny #climate

Is it only me who never liked Podcasts and songs getting mixed in ? It is also one of the reasons, I switched to and use as my primary Podcast app.


New, on Substack: “The Curse of the Long Boom.”

I take a look at an iconic piece of 90’s techno-optimism and ask why its authors now insist they were right all along.

Whenever my husband and I are out in public and having an in-depth discussion and I catch another person eavesdropping, I like to ask my husband something like “so, what do you do for work?” just to make the other person think we JUST met and are somehow suddenly in the midst of a heated debate about why Weezer’s Blue Album is better than Pinkerton.

i have a strict CW Women policy.

i "see" women, and that's a W.

What is your home?

Is it a building? A place? A city? An area?

In this article I talked about how I learned to associate home with more than one place and feeling

all of the rumours keeping me grounded...

I never said,
I never said,
that they were completely unfounded.

The horrific incident "happened", to a power-hungry, image-obsessed Govt ONLY after people noticed it happened. If no one had noticed it/video hadn't surfaced, the incident could have been buried to protect BJP's double-engine image as if it never happened.

After 8 months working on Mastodon, in particular on infrastructure for and, I have been able to articulate my vision for the future of Trust & Safery for Mastodon :

We need better tools to go along the growth of the Fediverse, and they need to enable multiple instances to work together on those topics and keep our loved network safe for everyone!

#mastoadmin #mastodon #Moderation #TrustAndSafety


In the past I have been quite fruitful with daily challenges. Successfully achieved the 50 day and slowly creeping up on 365 day mark of the (@barefootstache) with less than a month to go. Thus, I will attempt the daily blogging challenge.

The requirements will be quite simple for the begining and might expand through time:

  • It must use hashtag (XX/YY) format. This has two benefits:
    1. One can follow the hashtag thereby potentialy creating its own atom/rss feed.
    2. One can filter out these posts if unwanted.
  • It must be post ready before slumber. This puts the focus on writing rather than publishing and gives a grace period if no internet connection.
  • If written on mobile, it must be written with the keyboard.
  • It must be at least one paragraph or three sentences long.

This challenge was sparked after reading the article

written by @skwee357.

My total time spent on has been reduced significantly over the last few weeks.
From 10-15 mins day to 5-10 mins a week. Kinda miss that. The engagement there used to be deeper and greater. Such a horrendous way to kill such great communities.

Has this opposition unity thingy ever worked?

I remember, while growing up, there was the third front in 2009. The results were very poor.

Even this time too I think it will fail massively. @mastodonindians

Manipur: Silence of consent will destroy the Indian State

Silence should not usually be construed as consent but how else do we read Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s continuing silence on Manipur. In governance, indifference is a form of consent, bordering on complicity.

#manipur #ManipurViolence #ManipurUnrest #NarendraModi #majoritarianism #india

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