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Anyone can set up and run their own server on here.

This is great for lots of reasons (outlined here: but it also means that a small minority of servers may be run by nasty people, and potentially contain nasty content.

Fortunately, most server admins use server blocks to prevent their users having any contact with rogue servers.

If you see something bad on here, it's important to report it so that your admin can take action. Click on ⋯ and "report" to report a post.

4/4 It's not known which agency or brand team member in KFC came up with this idea, but considering that Wieden+Kennedy, the agency, rewarded the Twitter user, on behalf of their client KFC, with a gold-framed portrait where KFC's Col. Sanders carries the Twitter user (, it's most probably the handiwork of the agency.

This is an incredibly nuanced and clever easter egg to conceive and hide. And the resultant virality is truly 🤯 stuff!

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In many (inner) cities, green spaces are few and far between as demands for living and office space trump the need for children to play. Today's cartoon by Zach. More cartoons:

#innercities #greenspace #urbanplanning

For this reason, I feel it is better to be on instances that are managed by multiple people.


India's first #Pride march: the Friendship Walk in #Kolkata in 1999. I'd never heard of this before.

No corporate sponsors, no floats, just a small group of guys (they all seem to have been men) in yellow t-shirts walking in the rain. A lovely brave gesture.

I'm glad things worked out in the end for Mr Dowjah and his neighbour.

#India #lgbtq #lgbtqhistory

End of last year we launched our own #Mastodon server Vivaldi Social, becoming the first #browser company to step into the decentralized world of the #fediverse.

Our goal was to offer better #alternatives for people to communicate in an algorithm-free environment with no surveillance capitalism, devoid of tracking or #dataprofiling.

Read more what Forbes wrote about it👇

#socialmedia #privacy #community

1. Be gay
2. Do crimes
3. DO post about being gay
4. DON'T post about doing crimes, for the love of god, I cannot stress this enough, jesus christ

Strongly agree with this.

The world would be a better place if more people start writing (or Substack and other Newsletters)

Elon ruining Twitter's identity as a global village and turning it into an echo chamber filled with circle-j*rkers might have an unintended outcome.

We got lazy with our activism.

Wanna complain? Tweet.

Wanna denounce? Tweet.

Wanna condemn? Tweet!

But now, social (media) activism might not be as effective anymore.

That means, frustrations might eventually make people get out ON THE STREETS to protest!

What do you think happens then? 👀

#SocialContract #Twitter #Activism #SocialMedia #SJW


is there a spreadsheet of how much it costs to run a #Mastodon instance based on # of users & activity?

i would like to see numbers from the hundreds to the millions

it would be cooler if we could have that information extended to all the other #fediverse platforms: #Pixelfed #Lemmy #Pleroma and amma gonna throw in #Drupal #OpenSocial in case there's any instances using ActivityPub & federating

(* lazyfedi is my take on the legendary #lazyweb asks from blogging days)

“The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”

Carl Jung, born on this day in 1875, on life and death

This is spot on.

I remember when BJP first came to power. Times did a big cover: Modi means Business and put MMS as the underachiever. Sanghis at that time rejoiced and praised Times so much.

Fast forward to 2019, Times painted Modi as the divider in chief. Bhakts were furious. Called it a foreign propaganda.

Attaching the cover pics here too.



Someone: you’re the coolest person I know!
Me: Omg wowww!!!!
My mind: (they need to meet more people)

Don't you just hate it when you arrive at work and realise you've forgotten to bring your will to live?

OnlyFans but instead it's elderly women showing you how to cook family recipes, sew, garden, can food, make sourdough starters, knit, perl, and be sassy as fuck without giving a crap what anyone else thinks.

Call it OnlyNans.

If you meet someone after a long time, and see they have some pimples in their face/ gained some significant weight/ lose some hair or something else might have happened which might not be "aesthetic" in our societal standards. Why do you think pointing that out to the person is an appropriate thing? They would know their current state. They might be having some hard time, or some medical condition. Stop pointing and stating the obvious, specially if y'all are meeting after a long time.

One of my peers gained some significant weight, and someone pointed it out in a way that was utterly mocking. The person at the receiving end was genuinely hurt. I too felt quite uncomfortable.

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