I've been in touch with the folks at Native-Land.ca to see about adding India's indigenous (Adivasi) communities to their project. They already have great coverage of North America and Australia (and now Taiwan!).

It's going to be hard -- the Indian government keeps good census data, but not GIS maps that I know of. To help facilitate it, I put together a primer for them with links to some existing resources:


#dh #maps #mapping #India #Adivasi

Here's a #QuestionOfTheDay for you all.

Which of the following musical artists has the greatest "albums per year" ratio? By that, I mean, the number of full length studio albums (excluding live albums, collabs, or compilations) recorded over the number of years they have been or were actively a recording artist or band.

Vote now!

The ratios are in the following toot behind a content warning.

Tags: #Music #TheBeatles #DollyParton #BruceSpringsteen #ClassicRock #RockMusic #SnoopDogg #HipHop #AltRock #Weezer

Do people create personal lists like "30 things to do before 30"?

Will be 27 in a few days. Officially late 20s. Thinking of creating a list like that.

Though the biggest worry is I wouldn't be able to complete the list! :P


Has anyone else notice how feature rich is? Like you take a picture of your data and it can evaluate it.

Though simple tasks like opening a CSV file feels like you need a rocket science degree.

On the side, there exists , where you only need to open the file, choose the delimiters, and you are good to go.

When creating PDFs, avoid using "Print to PDF." A screen reader user may still be able to access the text of PDFs created this way, but heading structure, alternative text, and any other tag structure will be lost. Using "Save As" or "Export" can preserve these tags.

“We notice you are using an ad blocker…”

Yes, and I notice you are using a few dozen trackers. Turn off the trackers and I will look at your ads. Until then, we are at an impass.

This is great. I love stumbling across things.

Translation: “Protect our wildlife before it is too late”

TOI reported on BJP's "counter-offensive" narrative using information from Manipur under the Congress regime. But how did BJP's narrative also become the narrative of some in the media? They don't even pretend anymore where they seemingly get their orders from? 🤷

Need some help from fellow mastodon admins - ever since the latest 4.1.5 update, all remote post timestamps have been broken on this instance. Anytime we fetch messages it shows as having been posted around 5-19 hours ago (and i think that gap is increasing slowly over the past three days.)

I've restarted all my processes but to no avail. Any tips? Is this a known bug? I can't see it as a logged issue in the mastodon repo.

#MastAdmin #Mastodon for visibility

Couldn't agree more.

Yesterday I started an analysis with the goal of just producing one plot, as my manager asked.

After that, I thought: cool let's create a facet plots for better clarity.

Ohh, let's plot a boxplot, can see the percentiles.

Oh that's nice. Why is the median of variable A more than B? Let's find out.

And like this, the whole day went by.

Sent the final report and findings to boss. And he liked it.

Without random exploration, Data analysis is often incomplete.

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"The era of global warming has ended. The era of global boiling has arrived.

The air is unbreathable, the heat is unbearable, and the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable.

Humanity has unleashed destruction. This must not inspire despair, but action."

— United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

@shibaprasad So you listen to one of most popular artistes of his time. That just makes you a normie... :P

LOVE Altaf Raja. He was the G.O.A.T. Man took the whole industry by story and set records for the most cassette-tapes sold, when he was at his peak.

Anybody who disses my man Altaf is just jelly - plain and simple. 🤷‍♂️

@meconiumhead @asuph @mastodonindians

You can use it as notes to your future self. After some years you’ll have a nice journal of how you have evolved over the years. Rereading your old texts is like communicating with your past self.

Again, this part is where Zuck is SO good at making FB addictive - ‘Memories’ in FB. I know many people who don’t update much on FB anymore but visit the it because of Memories.

Just yesterday I was saying it here: the world would be a better place if more people start writing blogs.

Here is an article about it:

Nobody cares about your blog.


Ohh wow. This is great.

I was only trying the old way from Megalodon and Trunks.
QT: qoto.org/@trinsec/110786278507

Trinsec @Qoto  
@shibaprasad Just curious if Megalodon doesn't have a quote-toot function. Because having to click through to open the post is kind of annoying, he...
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