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Governor DeSantis used fraud and deception to lure vulnerable people from San Antonio and dump them in a remote island community that scrambled to care for them.

This was human trafficking — and the people who perpetrated this crime must be held responsible.

Please help us in Ohio. We have a special election Aug 8 to drown democracy and need help to drive turnout to vote NO on their scheme to make it almost impossible to get citizen led issues on the ballot.
Please go to and choose the Ohio campaign!
This will help protect choice in November! The August election is a way for our corrupt Rs to subvert democracy.

Pretty neat how Jack saw Elon make an ass out himself and decided that, instead of using the opportunity to rebrand himself the smart one, he would loudly declare "I also have shit for brains" and endorse an anti-vax grifter nepobaby for President.

In times like these, I wish more people had a clue what Evangelicals are taught to believe, and act on.

Assuming they do things out of well-meaning but misguided or ignorant faith rather than actual imperialist malice and greed is a giant mistake.

They talk openly in churches about sedition, treason, genocide, collusion with foreign agents, groom children into militias, and hang the Christian flag higher than the US flag on purpose, friends.

Please pay attention.

@ai6yr Interesting. I was trained from an early age, by my mother, who was utterly terrified of bees, who was allergic to bee stings, to be utterly terrified of bees, wasps, etc. I am not allergic to bee stings or wasp stings, as it turns out.

27 years ago, I began to actively combat this mental debility. With the guidance of a friend, 20 years ago I learned how to and kept a hive of bees in Florida. I pushed myself and quickly overcame my fears. I was astounded at the behavior of and friendship I built with my hive of domestic bees. I was absolutely shocked at the reality of the term "domestic" in this context. They ARE domestic. My bees knew me. They recognized my face. They knew that I was the one that brought them warm sugar syrup on cold winter nights and sat with them at their hive, observing, close up, inches away. They'd gather on my hands and arms to gain the warmth. Not once was I ever stung by any of my bees. Never. This whole experience was quite mind-blowing at the time. I miss them even now.

@velshi Yes, but the right knows how to turn losing games into winning games by capitalizing on human flaws and weaknesses.

A new GLAAD study finds Americans overwhelmingly think LGBTQ people should be free to live their lives. Attacking LGBTQ rights is a losing game. #pridemonth #velshi

@rigeldyesshall Yes, indeed. The world is full of people who think they are gods.

Have you noticed that in the endless array of prescription drug commercials even for serious diseases they routinely show people busy doing all sorts of exciting family outdoor activities when in reality most people are just sitting around staring at their phones whether they're sick or well?

@ai6yr Maybe, with the lake almost gone, they've become kind of useless?

@Npars01 @dyckron @business

Good on Joe:

"Many on Wall Street don’t believe that the Biden White House has been very easy to navigate.

"Biden's administration has not hired Democrats with ties to Wall Street and business in the same way Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did. On the campaign trail, Biden made a point of saying, "Wall Street didn’t build this country."

#JoeBiden #darkbrandon

Journalists: Mastodon seems great...BUT CAN IT SCALE?

*A few months go by. Mastodon gains millions of new accounts. Everything is still fine.*

Journalists: Mastodon seems great...BUT CAN IT SCALE?

The first National Spelling Bee was held in Cleveland in 1908. The winner was a 14 year-old black girl and it caused quite a sensation.

So Jenna Ellis, thinking she is so smart, claims that Ayn Rand, not VP Kamala Harris, was the first woman to give the keynote commencement speech at West Point in 1974, and the MAGA (own the libs) crowd runs wild repeating her false assertion. It took me less than 5 minutes to learn that in 1974, Howard H. Callaway, who was the Secretary of the Army, gave the keynote commencement address. Here is the complete list… and yes, Kamala is the first and only woman ~

In 2016, the Republican Party nominated the only person in U.S. history to have attempted a coup d'état. It was an incredibly desperate attempt to hold onto power by preventing a peaceful transition, for the very first time in history. And to this very day, he's the leading presidential candidate in the GOP.

I wouldn't vote for ANY Republican if my very life depended on it. And I'm not exaggerating one bit. The GOP is full of bigots and fascists. America elects ANY of them at its peril.

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