so, what are the unwritten rules of this place?

i.e. I see very little discussion of trading specifics or links to YouTube videos - I can see why you guys might not be into that. maybe I'm just in a corner of the fediverse that doesn't do stuff like that.

interested to hear thoughts

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p.s. not necessarily qoto in particular, fediverse in general

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@skells There are no real rules.. though every community kinda has their own.. QOTO we are kinda "anything goes just dont be an asshole", and we give people the benefit of the doubt on if they intended to be an asshole..

As for the rest of the community, well, it depends entierly on the group your interacting with.. Some are very sensative and expect you to carefully censor yourself.. others are so uncensored they are abrasiveness, in your face, and rude as a matter of course, and like and expect you to be the same in return.

Luckily you can get a sense for what sort of etiquette will be expected simply from the server the person your are interacting is coming from.

@freemo yeah about what I expected, some stuff seems oddly absent though. understanding comes with time I guess

@skells just don’t be a dick as it’s a civilized would do and you’re good everywhere.

@skells Its fine to do that, I don't really know, just maybe try to use open source things like PeerTube instead. You really don't have to though.

@Linux_in_a_Bit yeah thought I'd link the artist's bandcamp, hipster equivalent of pronouns

@skells That's totally fine, on most if not all of the fediverse. (I think)

@Linux_in_a_Bit fair, still makes me laugh that the only people who've blocked me (afaik) are alt right wannabe fascists

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