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On Russian society's susceptibility to top down control post-USSR

better to receive no information and remain correct than run the risk of actually finding shit out

@PawelK from what I've seen of your account you appear to be pro Ukrainian

i think you just owned yourself as this is not a pro Putin interview Dud (~Russian Joe Rogan) interviews Russian international relations expert and philologist, Russian democracy and the war form a big part of the conversation. Interview takes place in Athens, echoes of Thucydides

Don't be deceived by Dud, he's wicked sharp in his questions

Russia is more complex than Twitter/CIA would have you believe

@11112011 I know, setting the *current thing* aside this would be a watershed moment long term

the worst thing about true blue boomer libposting is they're so far gone that trolling them is the equivalent a hitting a women - no one with any dignity would even consider it

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