Want to farm and build with best friends in Minecraft.

But I don't have best friends, I also can't build beautiful houses. Sad.

That's why I don't game frequently. Gaming makes me feel lonely, coding makes me concentrated,thus ignore the loneliness.



Try minetest, it is free software so may find users here.

anyone following
@Minetest who can help ?

That looks interesting. I'll have a try. Thanks :)

@zleap @skyblond My only complain with Minetest… it feels like Minecraft with no soul. Feels like a wide game for building and everything, but you lack interest to do anything because there are no enemies, no quests, no much extra to do except building

@zleap @skyblond Also you lose some beautiful effects who doesn’t improve anything… but makes everything nicer

@waltercool @skyblond @zleap Minetest is a game engine rather than a single game. The default game is intentionally left simple so it can be used as a base for modding.

You can find games and mods on the official content store

@rubenwardy @waltercool @skyblond

Thanks I will give this a mention on my blog, Open invite to the next @DCGLUG meeting if you want to drop in and chat,
or hang out on IRC / Matrix (bridged)

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