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@witchofthenorse Someone claiming that Norse mythology is just Christianity rehashed? Seems like Snorri Sturluson's made a tumblr

@iankenway I'll be trying that soon, and I have *most* of the files backed up but not quite all. But the larger thing I'm concerned about: what sort of failure mode wiped out 800gb of files without any warning, from what should have been a simple operation? And how often can I expect this to happen in future?

@hasmis also, in what sane world can a crash while SFTPing a single file to a large directory kill everything else in the same directory

@hasmis any idea what causes it? Most of the directory structure is still there, the files are just Gone sing along to the world turned upside down on repeat until you understand them through gnosis?

Aaaah fuck, my raspberry pi seems to have crashed while receiving a file transfer and now the whole directory the file was going into has just vanished from the HDD. what the actual fuck, give me my movies back

@natecull but then how do you describe the terminologically weird but very mainstream concept of data science?

@natecull tbh, saying that everything is data and teaching students how to work with data in general (not just within the walled gardens of singular proprietary programmes) strikes me as a better idea than teaching everyone to make bad games in java

@Canageek yep, that's not how we work. If you're not writing with endnote+word, you may as well be writing in a foreign language

@Canageek no, I'm a PhD with a supervisor who wants to write collaboratively

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The most Free Software thing in my life right now is the built-in "fuzzy" mode for my system clock that says the (wrong) time in words

@Canageek I'm unspeakably jealous of any chemist working in an environment where writing papers in LaTeX is a viable option

spinflip boosted huh, cool. I thought Netflix had kind of stopped adding quality old stuff with expensive licensing what happened why is everyone suddenly talking about NGE?

One of the main reasons I hate living in the city is the sense that outside planned gatherings of friends, we're all atomised individuals doing individual things with no hope of commonality or solidarity. Bumping into people with random but real connections is a small but nice counterpoint to that

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Went to a brewery for a few drinks with the labmates, and the guy pulling the pints recognised me from singing shanties at a different local bar. Maybe inner city areas can be communities after all (or at least encompass them) a slab of draught'd be great, thanks:

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