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Thanks for the mention, Em.

Cryptpad for notetaking? Hmmmmm it would be too much, like using Google Docs/MS Word for daily note-taking.
For maintaining a formal and large repository of information and for collaboration, they would be the best.
Moreover, Cryptpad doesn’t yet have a standalone app/PWA on any platform.

For productivity, Obsidian is great, but the sync feature costs 10 usd/month, to have Obsidian installed on multiple devices and sync between them. 🤭 Though, it’s one of the best, I hear.

For my personal usage, I use Standard Notes; it’s e2e encrypted, privacy-respecting, and minimalist, for the free plan. Additional features like themes, rich text, spreadsheets, Passwords, To-do lists, etc. are paid. (Worth paying a small, FOSS organisation) You needn’t even create an account to use it.

For work, I use Zoho Notebook. It’s the right combination of light-weight and feature-richness. (Not e2e encrypted, not FOSS, btw) The UI is beautiful.

Both the tools allow 2FA for logging in and are available for all platforms including on the browser.

For productivity, I think Notion and similar tools are pretty good. You could check out LogSeq, a FOSS Notion alternative. It’s way too good. (

For an ultimate minimalistic experience, you could try SimpleNote.

If you are into the Google ecosystem, Google Keep is also good enough. (Requires a google account, doesn’t work well offline)

Hope it helps. Feel free to ask any questions!

@thebiologist876 @frankie

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I took all the domains from block list and put it in a csv file that can be imported so you can block all hateful instances.
Download it here

How to import

  • go to settings
  • click on import & export
  • click on import
  • under import select domain blocking list
  • then select the csv file you downloaded
  • click upload
    Boom a friendly mastodon & fediverse experience :ablobsmilehappy:
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Do you have a small daily ritual? Something you do just for you?

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Oh my... has Google trackers on it? (includes link) 

Oh my... has Google trackers on it?

"Blacklight detected trackers on this page sending data to companies involved in online advertising. Blacklight detected a script belonging to the company Alphabet, Inc."

That doesn't make sense. They're supposed to be against that sort of thing, aren't they? Is this a false positive?

This is why I don't like the normal HTTP web. There's no reliable way (that I know of) to tell which sites are loaded with trackers and which aren't.

It's a gamble whether you'll end up on a bad site or a good site when navigating the web, and that's what I don't like. It shouldn't be a gamble. If I don't want to go on websites that track, I shouldn't have to.

Blacklight isn't always reliable, so I assume this is a misreading of some sort.

Blacklight scan of

#TheMarkup #Blacklight #trackers #Google #HTTP #Web

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Maybe I could start a #Gemlog somehow...

I have no experience hosting content on the internet though.

#Gemini #Hosting #Internet

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All right, I've got a system for renoting posts...

I'll bookmark my favorite posts in my browser, and then share them every... couple hours...

That makes it so I put less stress on my instance's server, and it also means I only share the best posts.

It'll be great.

#bookmark #posts #renoting #system

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Went with italian food for tonight. Good view and the italian is surprisingly good for egypt, they even have homemade gnocchi.

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Question About People Changing Their Minds About God Being Real 

Have there been any pastors / religious leaders who have changed their mind about God being real? Like they preached for years about it and then publicly changed their mind, and said they didn't believe God was real anymore?

#askFedi #askFediverse #religion #God

Normally, a contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is executed on mutually agreed conditions which are decided beforehand.
It could either be a verbal contract or a written contract, both being legal, but one a bit easily enforceable.

In the context of a blockchain, a little program is written with the “mutually agreed conditions which are decided beforehand”, and is stored on the blockchain. Upon these conditions being met, the contract is automatically executed by the program.

A bit of programming:
simple if/else statements are used to check the fulfillment of the conditions of the contract.

-Makes life easy by automating a lot of the processes
-Quick and efficient

-Could be Technical for some
-too much dependency on tech (could fail)
-people’s trust issues with blockchain-related stuff
-tech could get compromised/”hacked”: the usual problem with computers

I got some stuff from here:

IBM is a leader in adopting blockchain. In the above link they talk about an example of how the transportation of vaccines from the manufacturing site to the last-mile delivery, and how the entire process is automated using blockchain.

Hope I said it fine! 🤭


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In France & Germany, a @YouGov poll of leaders of small- and medium-sized businesses revealed 75% believed tracking-based advertising undermines peoples’ privacy and other human rights.

Original tweet :

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The eye is a radical, the tongue an anarchist, the ear a conservative. -- McKeown

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@thebiologist1117 Ya! It's probably part of a way to exploit workers - make greater profits from employees. A lot of modern jobs are admin rolls to facilitate business running, so not actual product made, just keeping accounts in order and making sure workers aren't stealing from the company, etc.

I did read once an idea that modern jobs such as admin exists only to give people work to do. Like fake jobs because most useful work has been automated.

@DavidBlue @strawberryfieldsforever

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