They asked us this week if we'd quit over the
Here's my answer: I'll throw all my Goddamned Ikia furniture in the dumpster and sail south under the bonnie stars and bars if it comes to that.

@swiley I agree that for most jobs it doesn't make sense to mandate the vaccine, since it is a private medical concern. It is like mandating that you use soap or shampoo when you wash yourself.

@swiley Also dont quit to thats what they want. fight for your job.

@twotwenty Nah, I'm already sending out applications. They say every day that they're short on c++ programmers who understand the software so this won't be good for them.
I really have to, getting constantly emailed about this has completely demoralized me and I've lost all my motivation.

@swiley Dude I am so sorry! I am about to be put on unpaid leave by the university I am employed hat.

I am demanding that once we win in court we hold leaders accountable.

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