@techmagus Thanks for the Heads Up!

Can you tell everyone a bit of why Mint is a good distribution to consider, compared to Ubuntu and the others?

Thank you!

@design_RG I can't say one distro is better than another. Personally, I use a distro that can run fine in the machine I'm installing it.

For example, in the decade old netbook I'm using, I have Bodhi Linux in it. In the not that old machine, I have Peppermint OS.

For the new gaming desktop I'm planning to build, I'm picking Linux Mint, while a new gaming laptop I am eyeing, I'll use Ubuntu (since I'm going to use it when covering presscons and seminars too, where most people are using Mac or Windows).

Of course there is the customisation and ease of use factors. For customisations, both Ubuntu and Mint are top in my list. For ease of use, especially for those coming from Windows, Linux Mint is my suggestion (with Lubuntu coming second). :)

@techmagus Thank you for the suggestions, they make sense! Cheers! 😺

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